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Federal Standard 595 A

Federal Standard 595 A

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AMS-STD-595 A color Fan Set with Federal Standard Colors

Set of 2 Color Fans, revised Edition with 654 color patterns from June 2016 (before FED-STD-595C color fan).

2 color fnas with the US government's color collection approved for public use.
Fan 1: Contains all colors from the predecessor Federal Standard 595C and 4 new colors.
Fan 2: Contains 38 colors of U.S. Pat. Army and Marine Corp Colors.
The two fans contain a total of 692 standard colors and are not available separately.

In September 2014, the GSA (General Services Administration) and FAS (Federal Acquisition Service) transferred the FED-STD-595C standard to SAE International (Society for Automobile Engineers).
The new standard now has the designation: AMS-STD-595 A (A for 1st edition)
AMS stands for Aerospace Material Specification.

Description of fan 1
  • Color fan with Federal Standard colors from FED-STD-595C
  • Contains 4 new colors: 11330, 15051, 17930 and 25044
  • 654 color fields on 66 sheets with 10 color fields each 50 x 16 mm (sheet 66 contains 4 fluorescent colors)
  • Fan size 5 x 26 cm
  • the colors are arranged numerically
  • Index for easy finding of colors with assignment of color no. to the fan page
  • 5-digit color numbers, the 1st number describes the gloss level, the 2nd number
  • describes the color group, the numbers 3, 4, 5 the hue (for example, 10032 is a glossy brown tone)
  • 9 color groups: 0 = Brown, 1 = Red, 2 = Orange, 3 = Yellow, 4 = Green, 5 = Blue, 6 = Gray, 7 = Misc (Black, White, Gold, Silver, Violet), 8 = Fluorescent
  • Gloss grade GE at 60 ° measurement geometry: Code 1 GE over 80 = glossy / 2 GE 30-45 = semimatt / 3 GE under 10 = dull matt.
Description of Fan 2 / Supplement Fan Deck
  • Color fan with 38 colors of U.S. Pat. Army and Marine Corp Colors
  • Fan size 5 x 14 cm
  • Color samples full surface 50 x 120 mm in dull matt
  • 5-digit color numbers 3. , , , (all color samples GE under 10 at 60 ° measurement angle)
  • Overview page with the included color numbers with assignment to pages no.
TIP: A color list with all colors included is available as download.

For users using older versions of the Federal Standard:
Standard FED-STD- 595C Color Fan 3rd edition of 2008 with 650 color patches
Standard FED-STD- 595B Color Fan 2nd edition of 1994 with 611 color patches
Standard FED-STD- 595A Color Fan 1st edition from before 1994.

SAE International (Society for Automobile Engineers) is a global association of engineers and technicians in the aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle industries.
SAE International, founded in 1905, is a leading provider of standards and technical information. Aerospace standards and aerospace material specifications are recognized and used by aerospace manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world. However, the SAE also covers the commercial vehicle industry and provides standards for trucks, public transport, agriculture and the construction industry.


list Federal Standard 595 A

Table of contents of the Federal Standard 595 A with all color numbers of both color fans and a detailed article description.

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