PANTONE Graphic + Print

Pantone color fans and color books with a new look - Edition 2022 with 229 new colors

New generation of the classic Pantone color templates for printing inks with many new trend colors.

Pantone‘s color range for printing inks was supplemented with 294 new colors in September 2019 and now contains 2161 spot colors. The new colors are an extension in all major color families of the Pantone color tables, the traditional Pantone colors (from PMS and PlusSeries) are all preserved.
The 229 new trend colors have the color numbers 6001 to 6224 + 5 new basic colors.

The Pantone color palettes are now used worldwide in the graphic design industry, printing industry and to some extent also in architecture and other industrial sectors. PANTONE has been a market leader in the color referencing business since 1963 for printing industry.

Download Information on Pantone Graphic & Print Color System 2020 (German)

New products Edition 2022 an overview:

  • Pantone Formula Guide c&u with 229 new colors and new cover
  • For older issues of the Formula Guide, there is a supplement set with the 229 new colors for a short time starting on January 2023
  • Pantone Solid Chips c&u with 229 new colors and new cover
  • Pantone ColorBridge c&u with 224 new colors and new cover
  • Pantone Metallics coated Color fan with new front sheet
  • Pantone Metallics coated Chip Book
  • Pantone Pastels & Neons Guide with new cover, content remained the same
  • Pantone Pastels & Neons Chip Book with new cover, content remained the same
  • Pantone CMYK Guide Set c&u with new cover, content remained the same

In all bundles from spring 2023 the new products are included.
For more information, please see the product descriptions. We are happy to answer questions about the new products.

Designations of the Pantone product range for printing inks:

  • Since autumn 2019: Pantone Graphic+Print
  • 2010 to 2019: Pantone PlusSeries
  • Before 2010: PMS Pantone Matching System

The latest products are based on the Pantone Matching System (PMS) introduced in 1963 with the classic Pantone printing inks. This color palette has since been continuously extended and supplemented with modern trend colors. All the reference colors in the Pantone Plus Series are printed color samples, and the color impression is always dependent on the substrate. The color samples are therefore supplied on two qualities of paper:
c = coated printing paper - application: color leaflets, catalogs, etc.
u = uncoated paper - application: headed notepaper, manuals, printing on copier paper.
m = matt coated, products were removed from the program in 2010
Note for printers:
23 basic inks are required for mixing the current Pantone spot colors (updated 2023):
PANTONE Blue 072, PANTONE Bright Red, PANTONE Dark Blue, PANTONE Medium Purple, PANTONE Orange 021, PANTONE Purple, PANTONE Red 032, PANTONE Reflex Blue, PANTONE Rhodamine Red, PANTONE Violet, PANTONE Yellow 012, PANTONE Yellow
PANTONE Black (new), PANTONE Green (new), PANTONE Orange 016 (new), PANTONE Pink (new), PANTONE Process Blue (new), PANTONE Purple v.2 (new), PANTONE Real Purple (new), PANTONE Rubine Red (new), PANTONE Violet v.2 (new), PANTONE Warm Red (new), PANTONE Yellow PY12 (new)

Declaration on (new): This color name was added in 2022 or was already existing in earlier versions but the formulation/pigmentation has changed.
Without guarantee for accuracy: the color names are extracted from the 2022 FormulaGuide.

Basic inks for Pantone Pastels:
PANTONE Yellow 0131, PANTONE Red 0331, PANTONE Magenta 0521, PANTONE Violet 0631, PANTONE Blue 0821, PANTONE Green 0921 and PANTONE Black 0961.

Basic inks for  Pantone Neons:
PANTONE  801, 802, 803, 804, 805, 806 and 807

Basic inks for  Pantone Metallics:
Classic Metallics: PANTONE 871, 872, 873, 874, 875, 876 and 877
Premium Metallics (since 2013): PANTONE Silver 10077 and since 2019 PANTONE Rose Gold 10412

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