HKS Color Cards and Color Fans

HKS is the shortcut for a trademark association

The companies Hostmann-Steinberg printing colors, Kast+Ehinger printing colors and Schmincke & co. founded the HKS trademark association in 1968.
The producers once used 88 individual spot colors for the offset printing.
The colors can be found in the classical color fan of HKS. There are four different ones. They differ according to the paper quality and the printing process.

  • HKS K – art printing paper (coated paper, glossy or matt coated)
  • HKS N – natural paper, offset printing and book print (uncoated paper, e.g. for letter heads)
The color pattern products are differentiated between the varieties HKS "classic" with 88 colors and HKS 3000+ with 3520 color nuances which are based on the 88 longer existing standard colors.
 HKS Set ClassicHKS Set Classic

Both HKS color fans K and N and the HKS card set 4-C, 5 Euro saved.

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