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Information on Color Fans

Color fans and gloss level fans for professional color references

The classical color fan can be found in many sections and branches that deal with color, varnish, design or print as an everyday working basis. Especially printing shops, agencies and branches that work with  paper cannot imagine working without color charts, shade cards or color fans. They mirror a colorfast overview of certain color systems resp. color spaces on different kinds of paper and upstroke examples resp.  on different basic materials, especially for color systems just like HKS, Pantone and RAL.

Pantone color fans: worldwide standard

Whether Berlin, Tokyo or London – More than 1100 full tone colors belong to the PANTONE matching System. There are several subcategories depending on application and material. Pantone color fans are available as “Formula Guide” optimized on the requirements of designers and printers. These color fans mirror 1114 color in a faithful way on a coated, uncoated or matt-coated paper. All colors are blended from 14 basic colors and applicable on RGB and CMYK.

In supply various Pantone-fans:

Formula Guide
Pantone Formula Guide
Pantone Formula Guide Original PANTONE Formula Guide with 2390 colors coated and uncoated, 2 piece-set color fans including basis and fluorescent colors, gold and silver
Order Pantone Formula Guide >>
Metallic Formula Guide
Pantone Metallics coated Color Guide
Pantone Metallic Formula Guide Original PANTONE Metallic Guide. 301 chromatically arranged PANTONE metallic colors on coated paper with printing inks mixed formula.
Order Pantone Metallics Guide coated >>
DB Eisenglimmer
Pantone Essentials Color Fan Set
Pantone Color Fan Set in practical transporting case with 6 Pantone Color Fans. Edition 2022 with Formula Guide with 2390 colors, Pantone Color Bridge with 2390 colors and CMYK Guides.
On stock.
Pantone Essentials Color Fan Set >>
Color Guide Paper
Pantone Color Guide Paper
Original PANTONE for fashion & home Color Guide Paper Edition. Handy color fan with more than 2310 textile colors on coated paper
Order Pantone Color Guide Paper >>

HKS- fans following the german example:

A German wide valid standard for 88 spot colors especially for the applications in the field of offset printing is defined by HKS. That’s why domestic printers and advertising agencies use HKS-color fans. HKS-color fans differ according to the printing process and the paper quality. Terms like HKS K, HKS N or HKS Z are probably known to every printer and media designer.

Which HKS-color fan are you looking for?

N Vollton-Farbfächer
N full tone-color fan
HKS N full tone-color fan with all spot colors of the HKS printing color system
Order N full tone-color fan >>
N 3000 plus Fächer
N 3000 plus color fan
N 3000 plus fans HKS N 3000 plus fans with spot colors and additional grid colors of the HKS color system
Order N 3000 plus Fächer >>
K 3000 plus Fächer
K 3000 plus color fan
K 3000 plus color fan with the spot colors and the half tone colors of the HKS 3000 printing color system
Order K 3000 plus color fan >>
Fächergarage 3000+
Fan Garage 3000+
fan set HKS 3000 + K and 3000 + N in a practical "fan garage" made of card board
Order Fan Garage 3000+ >>

RAL – color fan with tradition

RAL has been responsible for the administration and further development of the versatile color space for more than 80 years. In 1927 40 colors formed the basis that have been developing during the years. Nowadays RAL color fans are available as RAL Classic, RAL Design, RAL Digital and RAL Effect. Different branches and sections use these standards in their everyday production. The most famous representative is RAL 3000 – can be found in the color fan RAL Classic – also known as fire engine red.

In supply various RAL products:

K7 Farbfächer
RAL K7 Color Fan
RAL K7 color fan with 213 RAL Classic colors. Fortunate RAL color fan out of the RAL program
Order RAL K7 Color Fan >>
K5 Farbfächer
RAL K5 Color Fan
RAL K5 color fan with 215 RAL Classic colors, all-over color displaying 5 x 15, shining glossy
Order RAL K5 Color Fan >>
D2 Farbfächer
RAL D2 Color Fan Deck
RAL D2 color fans RAL D2 DESIGN- fan set with two color fans with all 1.625 colors oft he RAL- design system in a translucent plastic protective case
Order RAL D2 Color Fan Deck >>

Color Fans can do more!!

We also offer different color fans according to Munsell, NCS Index-color fans and color fans from the whole world from Australian Standard to Color Standard of China.
Everything has its own standard whether flower colors or tractors. Take a look on your own:
NCS INDEX Color Fan Deck
NCS Index. New color fan for the Swedish color system with 1.950 NCS series colors
Order NCS Index Color Fan Deck >>

Agriculture Machine Colors
Agriculture machine colors with the most important color patterns of agricultural implements.
Order Agriculture and Tractor Color Fan Deck >>
Go on discovery tour in our online shop for color fans. Learn important facts on the different color systems and color standards. For any question please call us under +49 (0)9342/9339-70.