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Information on Color Atlases

Color Atlas – hold the colors of the world in your hand

Depicting color spaces and systems in full nuances or executions requires a complete and structured illustration. By this way extensive color atlases are used because classical color cards, shade cards and color fans are no longer sufficient.
A complete color atlas often visualizes more than 40 chromaticity diagrams. It’s often created in practical ring binders as the case maybe multi-lingual. The big CMYK-atlas for professionals makes nearly 58.000 colors clearly comparable.

Especially in the section of offset printing and design color atlases are in use in order to avoid unpleasant surprises after the printing process. The usage of diverse kinds of colors makes the HKS-color atlas resp. Euro-scale color atlas indispensable in the section of printing.

Euro-scale Color Atlases: four colors as a basis

Especially the offset printing according to ISO 12647-2 and the newsprint are in use of a Euroscale color pattern (CMYK). Understandably an extensive standard reference in the form of a color atlas is necessary. Color fans and color cards would be over challenged with the big variety of color references. Modern CMYK color atlases regard current paper patterns and color gradations. Newest FORGA standards and depictions of 10 line screens find their use in professional arranged color atlases according to ISO 12647-2. Color differences can be safely realized and the printing result can be improved. In the 4 - color process print color atlases are standard reference.

Color Atlas according to Euro-scale / ISO 12647-2:

Professional Color Atlas Euro-scale
Professional Color Atlas Euro-scale according to cmyk. The basic work with 57.856 colors for the 4-color-offset print. Stable folder with ring binder and plastic dividers light - safe slipcase.
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Farbatlas Zeitung
Color Atlas cmyk coated
color atlas Euro-scale cmyk coated. 144 chromaticity diagrams with 20.736 color references, measures 24 x 22 cm. With a register and a wire-oconnection.
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NCS – Color Atlas: the more logical color system

NCS Natural Color System is the most successful result of talented specialists from design, psychology and research to develop a logical rehashed color system. Practically every surface color can be classified and named according to this pattern. Many branches – especially in Scandinavia, Switzerland and Spain- the NCS color atlas is used as a standard work and the color space is used as a national norm. Because of the academic involvement in the development of the NCS color atlas it seems to be academically based. On each color card there are so called color triangles, which mirror the classification.

The adequate Color Atlas according to NCS for you:

NCS Color Atlas in the NCS Album
NCS Album for professionals. Color atlas with 2 folders in a slipcase with 80 pages, measures 32 x 42 cm. Complemented with 3 removable single color patterns for each of the 2050 NCS standard colors
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Color Alas According to NCS
NCS color atlas. Color atlas with all 2050 NCS colors. 44 chromaticity diagrams with color references und description in a stable ring binder.
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HKS Color Atlas: cmyk separated

88 basic colors according to HKS were extended to a color space with 3520 color shades by HKS 3000. Reason enough to reach for a HKS – color atlas, which separates and mirrors all
CMYK- color variations in a faithful way. Printed on an uncoated and gloss coated paper HKS in CMYK develops its full color variety only in a professional color atlas. Important information on dot references will ensure the way into the collection of a passionate printer and designer.

In supply various products according to HKS:

Book 3000+ cmyk
Book 3000+ cmyk Color Atlas
Original HKS Color Book 3000 Plus. Color tone atlas with 3.250 color shades according to cmyk on coated and uncoated paper.
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Creative Box 3000+
HKS Creative Toool 3000+
Creative Box HKS 3000+, newest version 2008, incl. software HKS3000+ and color fan HKS 3000 K and HK 3000+ N.
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Navigation in the World of Colors!

Further color atlases according to RAL, Munsell system and British standard:
D4 Farbatlas
RAL D4 Color Atlas
RAL D4 design color atlas with all 1825 RAL design colors. Surface semi matt
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Book of Color glossy
Book of Color glossy
Munsell Book of Color glossy. 2 - volume color atlas with 1600 removable color chips on 48 chromaticity diagrams.
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Munsell Soil Color Chart Book
Munsell Soil Color Book
The folder contains 13 wipe-off color charts with a total of 443 colors for the determination / classification of soil and rock colors as well as their texture.
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Go on a discovery tour in our shop. Get to know interesting facts according to the relative color system and the corresponding color atlas. If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach us on the following telephone number 09342/9339-70.