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Knowledge and Downloads about Pantone

Information on Pantone®

The company PANTONE originally produced color cards for the cosmetics industry. Lawrence Herbert, who had been an employee of the company since 1956, bought the company in 1962 and developed his own color selection and color communication system for printers, known since 1963 as the „Pantone Matching System“ (PMS).
Under the brand name PANTONE different color collections and a color system for different applications and industries are offered. PANTONE colors are used worldwide and the tools are available in almost all countries. This allows for easy international color communication with consistent color standards. The PANTONE color palettes are being continuously developed and complemented with new trendy colors. PANTONE has been a division of X-Rite, headquartered in the US, since 2010.
Please note: The color shades of the PANTONE color palettes can only be compared with each other to a very limited extent because each area shows a different color selection. The respective product areas serve the appropriate color space for the intended application.

Pantone color of the year 2000-2020

Since 2000, the Pantone color experts have chosen a PANTONE based on extensive research in all areas of life Color of the year from the Pantone Textile System (FHI). The color is included in all products of the Pantone Textile System (FHI) and can also be ordered individually on different materials: as a double-layer cotton swatch card, as a paint spread on paper and as a PANTONE Plastic Standard Chip.
PANTONE color of the year 2020 is 19-4052 Classic Blue TCX (Cotton)
We have put together a list of the 21 Pantone colors of the year from 2000-2020.

Download Color List Pantone Colors of the Years 2000-2020

A short overview of the different PANTONE color palettes

PANTONE Graphic+Print - Color palette with spot colors for graphics and printing

Launched in 1963 as the Pantone Matching System (PMS), it is widely used in the printing industry as the well-known ink standard. Currently, the color collection includes 2161 standard colors that can be mixed from the basic inks. The color references are available for both uncoated and coated paper and there are many helpful graphics design products. The Solid Colors from the Formula Guide can be found in Color Bridge in the implementation of CMYK for 4-color offset printing.
In addition to the 2161 solid colors (also called spot colors) there is a color palette with 655 metallic colors for coated papers and the Pastels & Neons collection with 210 pastel and neon colors on coated and uncoated paper. Price-reduced product packages (bundles) are offered for beginners.
Interesting for users: in 2019 the color palette was completely revised and supplemented with 294 new printing inks.

Download Information on Pantone Color System Graphic & Print 2020 (only in German)
Download Graphic & Print Color List with all 2161 Solid Colors

PANTONE Textile System - Color System for Fashion Home + Interiors (FHI)

Currently with 2625 standard colors which are available as original cotton samples or as a lacquer coating on paper. Each color has a 6-digit number and a name. The letters behind the number indicate whether it is a color standard on paper or cotton: TPG means paint on paper and TCX means original cotton. The color references of the PANTONE Textile System are of high quality, are used worldwide and there are numerous and useful tools for almost all areas of application. All 2625 colors are also available individually as a cotton pattern/  swatch card. In addition to the standard color range, the Metallic Shimmer collection with 200 shiny metallic colors (TMP Textile Paper - Metallic) has been available since 2018 and the Polyester collection with 203 shades (TSX for Textile Synthetics) since 2018.
Interesting for users: In 2020, the FHI color range was completely revised and supplemented with 315 new textile colors.

Download Information on the Pantone FHI System (only in German)
Download Color List of the 315 new Colors from 2020
Download List of textile colors with color numbers and names

PANTONE Plastics - Color Selection for Product Design in the Plastics Industry

Sample books with plastic chips in two versions: 1005 opaque color chips (coding: QXXX-X-X / Q stands for opaque) and 735 transparent color chips (coding: TXXX-X-X / T stands for transparent). The color collection also contains pastel, brown, gray, mother-of-pearl, neon and metallic shades, while the embossed polystyrene color chips have a size of 27 x 33 mm and three material thicknesses. Advantage: all colors are available as single chip.

Since 2013: PANTONE Plastic Standard Chips

Plastic pattern of polypropylene (PP) in the format 48 x 76 mm for all standard colors from graphic+print and the textile system FHI. Supplied in dust jacket with printed color code CI (Clor index in%). Most colors are already available at short notice. Not yet formulated colors are produced according to customer requirements, delivery time on demand. The chips are homogeneously colored, color-stable and therefore also suitable for color measurement and formulation. The Plastic Chips are a valuable tool for anyone who wants to produce Pantone colors as a plastic. For use in design, in the advertising industry and in the textile, fashion, accessories and leather industry.

PANTONE products that do not belong to any of the categories - examples

Pantone also develops color references for special purposes such as: Pantone Skin Tone Guide for human skin color determination, PANTONE Nylon Brights color collection with neon colors on fabric or metamerism Sticker for checking the lighting conditions for D50 and D65.

PANTONE Goe - color palette with spot colors for graphics and printing

PANTONE Goe has been available since 2008 with 2058 chromatically arranged special colors for printing.
The color collection was not accepted by the market and is therefore largely unknown.
At the end of 2013 the product range Goe was discontinued.
We have been a retailer for all Pantone products for many years and currently have about 50 different items in our assortment. For questions about the PANTONE Products and for advice we are at your disposal.