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RAL Design D3 Toolbok

RAL Design D3 Toolbok

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New work tool for architects, designers and creatives - the D3 Toolbook

The RAL DESIGN SYSTEM was revised in 2018 and supplemented by 200 mainly bright colors. Thus, the revised RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus includes 1825 standard colors. For the first time, each color has its own color name as well as the always existing color code.

The new Toolbok from RAL contains all 1825 colors of the design system plus in semi-matt finish. The set of 2 ring binders is filled with removable chips and is perfect for developing collages or color schemes.
Architects and designers can use the D3 Toolbook in various work areas such as product development, color communication and customer service. The color chips (3 per color) are printed on the back with color number and color names in German and English. Both ring binders are supplied with a transparent register for easy color matching. A detailed explanation of the color system can be found at the beginning of each ring folder. A hue is displayed per page with X and Y axes for brightness and chroma. Thus, a systematic and efficient work is possible.
For clarity and quicker finding of color tones, the color wheel is shown on each side. With the D3 Toolbook every architect or designer has instant access to all 1825 colors as single patterns and can thus effectively promote development or project work.
  • Slipcase with 2 ring binders
  • Size of the ring binder: 38.2 x 45 cm
  • Size of the slipcase: 46.5 x 39.5 cm
  • Original color chips, each 3 pieces in the format 4 x 3.5 cm, finish: lacquer coating on paper
  • Color chips are printed on the back with color code and name in german and english
  • Both ring binders contain a transparent register for clarity
  • Semi matt gloss of the color chips
  • Detailed description of the color system

The colors are arranged chromatically, the naming of the individual shades takes place according to degrees in increments of 10. Red starts at 0 °, yellow at 90°, green at 180 ° and blue at 270 °. The brightness scale is given from 0-100, where 0 means black and 100 white. The color name is 7-digit in the form HHH LL CC. An example of this would be RAL 070 90 05 (pastel yellow). The RAL Design System plus follows the standards of DIN 6174 specified according to the CIE.

On request, the color chips can be ordered separately.

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RAL Design D3 ToolbokRAL Design D3 ToolbokRAL Design D3 ToolbokRAL Design D3 ToolbokRAL Design D3 Toolbok


RAL Design System color list

List of all 1825 colors from the new design plus system with color number, color name in German and English as well as light reference values.

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