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Torso-Verlag - Product Portfolio, Functions and Employment

Torso-Verlag, history and activity
Torso-Verlag was founded in 1988 as a sole proprietorship (as a studio) by Renate Wolber near Aschaffenburg and has been listed as e.K. registered in the commercial register A in Mannheim since 1996.
In 1990 the company moved to Wertheim. Printed materials, ranging from business cards to several 100-page catalogs, were produced in Wertheim until 2007. Already in 1995, the first internet server was installed and color cards as well as color fans (then only HKS and Pantone and a self-made cmyk color Atlas) were offered by an online shop. The rapidly developing online shop was further expanded and redesigned in 2011 and 2017.
By intensively dealing with the topic of color / color testing and light, it was possible to supplement the range with color measurement technology and standard light cabins from X-Rite and GTI. Since 2013, under the brand name UnityColor, self-developed lighting cabins and lights for lighting studios are manufactured in Germany.
In January 1999, the new company building was relocated to Wertheim-Bettingen, which was expanded to 630 m² of usable space by adding a warehouse in 2016.
In 2007, the printed matters were handed over to a near friendly printing company. Since then, the focus has only been on industrial color testing with all the necessary color charts, measuring and testing equipment and services.

Color chartsStandard lightMeasuring instruments
- Color standards
- Color fans and maps
- Advertising fans
- Custom made products
- Color references: RAL, Munsell, NCS, BS, Pantone, RHS, cmyk, AS, HKS
- Standard illuminators
- Standard lighting concepts
- Light cabins
- Ceiling lights
- Light studios
- Mobile standard light
- Equipment
- Color vision tests
- Colorimeters
- Multi-angle measurements
- Gloss meters
- Light meters
- Software
- Equipment
- Training
- Industrial consulting seminars