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With this website we want to act as a portal for the professional use of color and color charts of RAL, Pantone, HKS, NCS, Munsell and Euroskala (DIN ISO 12647-2) together with standard light booths, light meters, color meters and gloss meters.

We deliver free of charge when order values exceed 150 Euros (plus VAT 19%), in the area of Germany, else we charge additionally delivery charges (plus VAT 19%).

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All about color references

The application and varieties of color fans, color cards, color shade cards, and the color atlas leaves nothing to be desired. In the following you find a list of some of the most used titles.

Euro scale colors (DIN ISO 12647-2)

Euro scale professional book of color, Euro scale color atlas, Euro scale color palette according to CIE Lab and more high quality euro scale products.

Pantone Plus Series printing colors

Pantone color fans FormulaGuides, Pantone-Farbkarten Solid Color Chips and more high quality Pantone products.

HKS printing colors

HKS Fächer N 3000 plus, HKS Color Book 3000 Plus and more high quality HKS products.

NCS color samples

NCS book of color, NCS color fan, NCS-Block color shade collection according to NCS and more high quality NCS products


RAL color card F5, RAL color fan K7, RAL color sample cards and more high quality RAL products

Munsell color scale

Munsell Book of Color glossy, Munsell Book of Color matte, Munsell 100 Hue Test and more high quality Munsell products

Original HKS K and N color charts for art
paper and natural paper. In order to print letterheads or business cards one uses N-colors.
N-colors were especially developed for absorbent natural paper.
The color chart is divided into 88 colors.
Each color has one sheet of paper with six detachable color patterns (65 x 26 mm) and a short description of grid percentages from 10 to 80 %.

More information

RAL Classic K1 spiral-bound notebook with 14 color charts and in total 210 colors. The RAL Classic spiral-bound notebook includes all 210 RAL Classic
colors in a compact and clear structure. It also includes all pearl-colors, mica-ironpaints
and fluorescent colors in a brilliant depiction. Size 10,4 x 19,0 m, color
depiction 1,8 x 2,8 cm

More information

Of course we stock other color references and different color patterns for each colorsystem. British Standard or Federal Standard can also be found in our range of goods.

We also have Natural Color Systems, glossmeters, gloss paints or Eloxals and other goods at our disposal. We have all the relevant products and the necessary knowhow.
Here you can find external information and sources concerning RAL, Pantone, HKS, NCS and Munsell. Attend to our color charts, color code books and shade cards in block offer at the budget price.

If you have any questions, you can contact our customer-oriented staff by phone +49 (0) 09342/9339-70. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Individual color chart as an advertising medium

We deliver industry color charts as advertising charts with your individual firm imprint suitable for the Cl of your enterprise. If you have a printable PDF-Layout with your desired imprint for the color chart, send it to us. If requested you can have digitalproof of the later product. After two to three weeks you have your own virtual and persistent advertising medium for your client. The specifications of the layout file can be found at the respective product description. Advertising charts are offered as RAL advertising color charts and gloss level scale NCS Gloss Scale.

Color chart and color atlas are important implements

.... for production and design. We recommend storing color patterns and color references always in a dry and dark area. If cards and charts are exposed to the light for too long, they lose their gloss and color fastness. Then your color patterns won’t be firm for 100%.

We recommend renewing often used color code books, color charts and even the bound color atlas regularly every two years. Relevant complete original products and a competent advice can be obtained in a specialized trade.