Knowledge about Munsell Color System

Munsell Color System

For over 100 years, there is the Munsell color order system. At the beginning of the 20th century, the scientist, researcher and teacher Prof. Albert Henry Munsell (1858-1918) first introduced his new color system to the public.
His idea of ​​the order of colors continued to evolve, even after his death.
Over the last 110 years, color references and work tools for international color communication for industry, business and science have emerged.
The Munsell color system is a national standard in the USA and is also used in many other countries.
Today, Munsell is a division of X-Rite.
Prof. Albert Henry Munsell was born on January 6, 1858 and died on June 28, 1918. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his death, from 5 to 8 June 2018, there will be an exhibition of historical exhibits from our Munsell collection.
Already in 1915, Prof. Albert Henry Munsell, who dedicated his entire life to colors, created an ingenious color order: on one axis lie the neutral colors from black (below) to white (above). Around this axis, the different hues, more precisely hues, are arranged so that the intensity of the color increases with the distance from the (brightness) axis.

With this color order, color science has developed a mathematical system that describes this color space and forms the basis for today's color measurement technology.

The download "Munsell Story" contains the detailed story as well as information about the structure and characteristics of the Munsell color system.

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