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Information on Color Cards

Color cards and color codebooks – color variety at a glance

Color cards or color pattern cards resp. color codebooks provide an insight into a defined color space. Color gradations and color tones can directly be cross - checked with one another. The color card is definitely a „must-have“ when you want to deal with colors, their effects and combinations in a professional way, whether in a print shop, in an agency, in a hardware store or in a paint shop. They provide you a colorfast overview of different applications and materials. Classical use as clear color cards / color pattern cards or as a collection in a color atlas according to HKS, RAL or Munsell.

HKS – Color codebooks depending on the paper

Depending on the kind of paper and the application color cards and color code books reflect all 88 colors of the HKS collection in a specific way. The valid color system, which was developed especially in Germany, is often used in the printing and advertising industry. Depending on the kind of paper there are individual color cards that reflect the print results almost 1:1. Specific feature, e.g. the suction of coated paper help to predict the brilliance of the printed color on color pattern cards. HKS-color codebooks are standard material for the work of printer and media designer.

In supply various color pattern cards according to HKS:

HKS color fans full tone colors HKS K color fans with all HKS full tone cards and a small grid table with a screened representation of HKS-colors from 10% to 80%. The color fan is also available in HKS N colors.
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HKS color codes cmyk
HKS color code books-set cmyk HKS 2 piece color card set printed in four color printing for HKS N on natural paper and for HKS K on art print (coated paper)
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Munsell - color cards: result of a lifework

During his time the color scheme named after Prof. Albert Henry Munsell was very revolutionary. Still nowadays color cards according to his model and implementation approaches are used in science, education and economy. Basis for these ideas is the principle of a neutral color axe (white after black). Munsell-color cards, color pattern cards or color fans are often in use in technical branches or in education as illustrations or working material.

In supply various color cards according to Munsell:

Soil Color Charts
Soil Color Charts
Munsell Soil Color Charts for agronomists, biologists, archaeologists, geologists, zoologist and other scientists for determining the color of soil and rock samples.
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Nearly Neutral Colors
Nearly Neutral and Pastel Colors
Munsell Nearly Neutral Colors. Ringbinder with removable color cards with 1100 nearly neutral and pastel colors
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RAL – universal color cards for RAL-Classics

Whether RAL Classic, RAL Design, RAL Digital or RAL Effect – 40 basic colors form the basis of this category for more than 80 years. RAL-color cards from diverse classic sectors are very interesting and indispensable for many branches. They mirror all 210 RAL colors in a structured and faithful way. Color pattern cards of the 21 century are as asked as color pattern cards of the 1930s.

In supply various RAL products:

K5 Standard Color Fan
K5 universal Standard Color Fan
RAL K5 Standard Color Fan with all 216 RAL Classic Colors, one color per page, shining gloss or matte available.
Order online RAL K5 Standard Color Fan >>
D4 Color Atlas
D4 Color Chart Atlas
RAL D4 Color Chart Atla with all 1625 RAL-Design-Colors. Appearance semi-matt.
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RAL Effekt Primary Standard E1
RAL-E1 Primary Standard color chart collection
RAL E1 Effect Primary standards of all 490 Ral-Effect-colors as a binding color sample for color reconstruction and quality check. Appearance: plain colors semi-matt, metallic colors high-gloss.
Order RAL Effekt Primary Standard E1 >>

But that’s not all....…

… color cards, color chart and color swatches are so varied and indispensable, that even exotics want to be printed on. We offer a vast range of color charts from all over the world e.g. Australian Standard, Japanese Standard or CBCC, Chinese Color Standard for architecture. If you have problems in finding something, then please contact us. We are looking forward to advising you.
DB Iron Mica Color Cards DIN A4 and DIN A6
Iron Mica Color Cards in A4 and A6 Format for large scale color representation. Use for steel buildings and for decorative application.
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ANSI Z535 Color pattern cards
Original ANSI Z535 safety color chart. Printed color cards with ANSI Z535 safety colors.
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NOVA Color Fan 2024
Color fan with 2024 shades in 4 color groups for all applications
Color representation semi-matt, high-quality lacquer coating on paper, with Colorindex to easily find individual colors. Inform on NOVA Color Fan with your Company Logo >>
Go on a discovery tour in our shop. Get to know interesting facts according to the relative color system and the corresponding color cards. If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach us on the following telephone number +49-(0)9342/9339-70.