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Packaging Material and Waste

Regulation on packaging:
Regarding to the sales packages we used and shipped to private final consumers for the first time we report to a country widely active recycling system every year.

Regulation on battery:
Today many devices are delivered with batteries or rechargeable batteries. Please make sure to submit your batteries, as prescribed by law (a garbage-disposal in municipal regulation violates the battery) to a municipal collection center or on site audit. It is for free. Of course you can return batteries which you have received from us, after use, free of charge, give them back personally or send them back to us by mail with sufficient postage (address legal notice). Batteries that contain hazardous substances are marked with a crossed dustbin. Under the garbage can icon is the chemical name of the operating pollutant - stands "Cd for cadmium, Pb "stands for lead, and" Hg "for mercury.