Pantone Textile Colors on Paper or Cotton

The color palette was supplemented by 315 new trend colors in March 2020

PANTONE Textile System now with 2625 standard colors

All products in this section are from the new Edition 2020 and contain the 315 new colors.
The 315 new colors (since March 2020) of the PANTONE Textile System (FHI - Fashion, Home + Interiors) were compiled by the PCI Pantone Color Institute in close cooperation with trend researchers and taking international color interests into account.
Note for users: The 315 new colors from 2020 and the last addition with 210 colors from 2015 have been integrated in the new edition (no loose inserts anymore). The color palette has been completely re-sorted, the color areas are now arranged chromatically according to color families. This gives a better overview of the available color space and facilitates creative work.

Download List of the new Pantone FHI Colors 2020

Supplements with the 315 new colors on cotton or paper are available for a limited time. With these sets, textile products can be inexpensively supplemented with the new colors from 2015.

Download Information on FHI Color System 2020 (German)

In the field of coloring for textiles, PANTONE is the market leader for the definition and communication of color tones. In both the fashion and home textile sectors, color information according to PANTONE is used for naming color trends and for transmission to manufacturers. The Pantone Textile System has been around for over 30 years, the range of colors is constantly being expanded and thus adapted to the high demands of customers.
The color references on cotton or as varnish on paper are of high quality, are used worldwide and there are numerous and sensible tools for all areas of application.
Pantone colors are available in almost all countries. This enables simple international color communication with uniform color standards.
Each product has a serial number allowing the user to download the PANTONE COLOR MANAGER software free of charge.
PANTONE Textile System color codes:
XX-XXXX represents a number - all color codes have six digits and a color name
Suffix TCX textile cotton, color samples on cotton
Suffix TPG textil paper, color samples as paint spread on paper (before 2016 TPX)
Suffix TN textil neon for neon colors, only available as a fabric sample, not on paper
Suffix TPM for Textile Paper Metallic, color palette with 200 metallic colors as a coating on paper
Suffix TSX textile synthetics, 203 colors as 100% polyester swatch, not available on paper
Explanation of TPG green - previously TPX - Pantone Textile Colors FHI on Paper
From 2016 the edition of the Pantone textile colors on paper was produced with an environmentally friendly lacquer, hence the new term TPG (G stands for green). The color codes, color names, visual impression and gloss (dull matt lacquer applied to paper) have not changed
Due to the technical improvement in the manufacturing process, there may be color differences from earlier editions of the Cotton line prior to 2007 - earlier labeling TC for textile cotton.
Since 2007 - Pantone SMART New System. The SMART formula for all 2625 textile colors guarantees extreme color accuracy and reproducibility from design through development to mass production.
The list of the new 315 colors with color numbers and color names as well as additional information can be found here or in the download area.
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