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SCV Simultan Color Viewer

SCV Simultan Color Viewer

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SCV simultan Color Viewer

Simultaneous color inspection under 4 kinds of illumination plus UV-light

Developed for the textile industry to view color standard and color pattern under 4 illuminants simultaniously.

SCV allows the consideration of standard and sample under 4 different kinds of illumination and UV-light at the same time. It is a direct color comparison under the 4 most important kinds of illumination at a glance. The human eye resp. the brain cannot save colors. That’s why a color comparison of different kinds of illumination is often very difficult. The simultaneous consideration under 4 different kinds of illumination with and without UV-light makes the color difference in-between a standard and a sample easier.

Fields of application:

  • product development - how differently do textile colors appear under different light conditions
  • testing of color stabilization at color and material selection- which color or material combination changes its appearance under different conditions of illumination (how strong or how weak)
  • testing of color harmony - which pair of color fits best under all conditions of illumination
  • color and metamerism control in quality check under 4 kinds of illumination at the same time, without changing the illumination

5 installed light sources (all light sources are single dimmable, except UV-light):

  • daylight D65 (D50 optional possible)
  • light of department store resp. office TL84
  • light bulb resp. halogen light
  • USA - light of department store TL83 or optionally CWF
  • UV-light, connectible across different light sources

Technical data:

  • measurements (WHD) 41 x 64 x 41 cm
  • sample table (WD) 37 x 30 cm
  • weight 8 kg
  • connection 230 V/50 Hz
SCV Simultan Color ViewerSCV Simultan Color Viewer
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