UnityColor® LED2match Light Booth with LED Lighting Panel

UnityColor® LED2match Lighting Panel for visual color testing

From 2021, the LED2match© Lighting Panel with more than 1000 LEDs will form the basis of all new UnityColor® lighting units. It offers nearly unlimited numbers of light colors and light sources for color testing. It can be used for all UnityColor® light booths and ceiling luminaires. A scalable solution for large ceiling systems is available since end of 2021.

What are the advantages of LED light booths over fluorescent light booths?

  • Perfect lighting is available immediately after switching on – no need to wait for the lamps to heat up like you do with fluorescent light booths.
  • Frequent short ON/OFF cycles are no problem at all – in contrast to fluorescent lamps, where they will dramatically shorten the service life.
  • The service life of LEDs is approximately 10 times longer than that of fluorescent lamps.
  • lower energy consumption than fluorescent lamps with the same luminous flux.
  • No transient peaks when turning on – unlike when starting up fluorescent lamps.
  • Easy maintenance – the diffuser just needs to be cleaned once a year.
  • All imaginable light types can be freely adjusted by the Android App.
  • The illuminance for each light type can be freely adjusted with the aid of the software.
The EU commission decided to ban the production of T8 fluorescent tubes (used most commonly in light booths) with effect from September 2023. T12 fluorescent tubes (used in older cabins) are banned from September 2021.

View into the LED Lighting Panels with tube modules (without the prism lens) on a light ceiling:

Introduction of the LED-Lighting Module with the standard light sources and a classic metamerism check on video:

We will kindly advise the different possibilities with our LED modules.