Standard Light for Color Matching and Metamerism Check

Why using Standard Light?

    fluorescent lamp (F11)              D65 (F7)                     light bulb (A)

Three times the same product and the same color pattern influenced by three different kinds of light

This comparison shows:
The application of standard light is an essential element for each production. In industry, economy, retail industry or privacy different light sources are in use - different kinds of fluorescent lamps, light bulbs, energy saving lamps or natural daylight. Even if the human eye senses all of them as white light, some of them give off less energy because of different wavelengths. This deficit affects our color perception. While some colors fade other colors seem to be more intensive (metamerism-phenomenon - when colors coincide on different light conditions while others do not). In order to avoid unpleasant surprises one should first compare the colors on different light conditions. Nowadays color judging systems with different light sources for consideration and estimation of color patterns for inks, color and varnish, plastics, textile, paper and dyestuffs and so on, ideal for car-, foodstuffs, cosmetics industry, coating, printing and package are needed for each production.

Table of illuminantes

 lluminant Color temperature Application range
 F2 / CWF ** 4150 Kelvin store, warehouse, offices in the USA
 F4 / WWF 2940 Kelvin usage in the USA
 F7 / D65 * 6500 Kelvin industry for production supervision
 F8 / D50 * 5000 Kelvin printing industry for color matching
 D75 ** 7500 Kelvin once used in the USA for color matching
 F10 / U50 5000 Kelvin used in the USA (Ultralume 50)
 F11 / TL84 * 4100 Kelvin store, warehouse, offices in Europe
 F12 / TL83 / U30 ** 3000 Kelvin tube luminaire (Ultralume 30) similar to Incandescent A
 A / Incandescent A * 2856 Kelvin light bulbs for the living area, catering
 B 4875 Kelvin similar to sunlight
 C 6674 Kelvin daylight simulation, without UV (similar to D65)
 Horizon ** 2300 Kelvin simulation of red (evening) sky
 UV-light *   recognition of opt. brightener

*in use in European viewing booth (offered by our company) resp. available as standard equipping
**optional available in viewing booth, e.g. when your US-clients have certain standards
All light sources with the designation “F” and also the UV-light base on fluorescence lamps (luminescent tubes).