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DIN 6164 color ystem

DIN 6164 color ystem

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DIN 6164 color system

The DIN 6164 color arrangement system was executed in matt (1960-1962) and glossy (1978-1983) by the German institute for standardization.
The DIN 6164 color register will not be produced any longer and isn’t available anymore.

A long and carful development has been proceeded. In 1941 the physicists Manfred Richter started developing the standardization (BAM German Federal Institute for material control). Richter founded the system on the basis of colorimetry on color valency and not on pigments or color dyes in order to guarantee a universal working independent from the used colorants. The aim was to design a perceptual, visual equal distance and
standardizable color system. The result of many tests with a lot of persons and more than 100 color tones was a color circle out of 24 color tones starting with yellow (number 1).

The DIN 6164 color register is still known and is still be used in different sectors of the industry.

The color patterns are defined colorimetrically according to three criteria:

T – color tone (Buntton) is referred to as T - T1 bis T24
S – saturation level S - 0 up to 6, wherby 0 uncolored (neutral) and 6 the most colorful coloration
D – Dark shade D - from 0 up to 10, ideal black has a darkshade of 10, ideal white has a darkshade of 0

The darkshades from 7-1 are colored independent from the color tone. The naming of single colors is performed by T : S : D of all color tones. The 16 uncolored (neutral, page 25) color pattern are named after N : 0:0,5 white - N:0:8 black.

The DIN 6164 color register contains:

  • 25 folding cards in the format of DIN A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)
  • 589 color cards in the format of 20 x 25 mm
  • Detachable color chips with color code on the back
  • Execution: matte color pattern
  • Supplied in a stabile plastic protection box, 22,5 x 30,5 x 6,5 cm

On request the cards will also be available as single pages (page 1-25 / 32, 50 € per each card) for everyone who does not need all color tones.

DIN 6164 color ystemDIN 6164 color ystem
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