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AFNOR Colorimetric Data Table

AFNOR Colorimetric Data Table

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Table with colorimetric data on the AFNOR colors

Tables with colorimetric data on all 91 AFNOR colors from the color fan NF X 08-002. Original printed version from the Association Francaise de Normalisation in 1983 with technical explanations in French.
Original printed version from the Association Francaise de Normalisation, loose-leaf collection DIN A4, double-stitched, 20 pages.

The following colorimetric data are available for each shade:

Measured with spectrophotometer diffuse d:0° in 10 nm stages:

  • XYZ and xy data
  • For illuminants C, A and D65
  • For 2° and 10° observers respectively

Measured with tristimulus device 0:45°, illuminant D65 and 2° observer:

  • XYZ and xy data
  • Illuminant D65
  • 2° observer 

The table also includes information on gloss level, divided into 5 degrees for each color. The colors in the color chart are likewise reproduced in different gloss levels.

AFNOR (Association Francaise de Normalisation) is the French organization for industrial standards, including DIN and BSi.

As on the color chart, the color values are divided into 10 families, with each color having a number and a name.

Family 0: Bruns, Kakis, Marrons (7 hues)
Family 1: Orangés (4 hues)
Family 2: Ivoires, Crémes, Beiges (11 hues)
Family 3: Jaunes (4 hues)
Family 4: Verts (22 hues)
Family 5: Bleus (13 hues)
Family 6: Noirs, Gris, Blancs (17 hues)
Family 7: Violets (4 hues)
Family 8: Red, Bordeaux, Pink (8 hues)
Family 9: Purple (1 hue)


AFNOR Colorimetric Data Table
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