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MA9x Series Multigeometry

MA9x Series Multigeometry

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Product no.: 50-02001
Shipping time: 14 Days

The MA9x-Series by X-Rite with 3 portable multi-angle spectral photometer

Designed for the control of metallic, pearl gloss and effective colors as well as all kinds of interference pigments

The three available models are MA98, MA96 and MA94

They offer up to 19 measuring angles independently from the model and therefore they offer an extensively and correct evaluation of the angle-dependent color tone change. MA9x-instruments offer a generous measuring storage. Via the USB-port or via Bluetooth all measuring values can directly be sent to the supplied color measuring-software X-color QC and will then be evaluated. MA9x-instruments work net-independently with two standard supplied battery packs.

 Most important functions and data of the MA-9x-Series:

  • compared to the predecessors there is an improved positioning and measuring especially with slightly curved and flexible surfaces because of pressure sensors with 3 selectable pressure stages
  • higher reproducibility because of the system with an improved color distinguishing
  • number of measuring angles dependent from the model:
    MA94:5-measuring angle (analogue to the predecessor MA68II)
    MA96:6-measuring angle
    MA98:8-measuring angle + 11 side angles for xDNA-analysis (look at the table below)
  • identifying effect parameters with the technology of X-Rite or XDNA-technology
  • according to the international DIN- and ASTM-Standards: ASTM D 2244, E 308, E 1164, E 2194; DIN 5033, 6174, 6175-2; ISO 7724; SAE J1545
  • constant results after scheduled maintenance or certification by modular lamp design
  • robust and ergonomic design
  • supervising of the equipment with three sensors for optimized measuring results (pressure switches)
  • LCD- color display with intuitive menu on the base of symbols
  • improved lamp power with longer service life
  • wireless communication via Bluetooth or via USB 2.0
  • Included in delivery: xColor QC measuring and analysis Software  with metallic functions and with xDNA by MA98
  • included in delivery: 2 lithium ion rechargeable
  • the data are downward compatible to MA68II
  • can be used in different surroundings e.g. with MA68II
  • optional we offer a training in our training rooms
  • Leasing from ca. 450,00 Euro netto per type up to ca. 635,00 Euro monthly (only for German customers)

Overview over the most important technical data:

JobsJob-Workflow with integrated images and Tags
Lighting angles45° gas filled tungsten lamp45° gas filled tungsten lamp45°- and 15° gas filled tungsten lamp
Angular accuracyAccuracy of angles: ±0,15° (fibre optical transfer with DRS technology)
Spectral range400 - 700 nm in steps of 10 nm (31 measuring points)
Measuring range0 - 400% Reflexion
Measuring area∅ 12 mm
IlluminationsA, C, D50, D65, F2, F7, F11, F12
Standard Observers2°, 10°
Colorimetric scalesL*a*b*, L*C*h*, ΔE*, ΔE CMC, ΔE DIN 6175, ΔE 2000
Effect angles
according to ASTM 2539
15°, 25°, 45°, 75°, 110°-15°, 15°, 25°, 45°, 75°, 110°45°-Illumination: -15°, 15°, 25°, 45°, 75°, 110° plus 4 site angles for xDNA
15°-Illumination: -15°, 15° plus 7 site angles for xDNA
Effect parameters--xDNA, Flopindex
Repeatabilityaverage 0,03 ΔE* on white tiles
Inter instrument agreementaverage 0,18 ΔE* on BCRA tiles
Measuring timeca. 2 Seconds
Memory250 Standards, 1000 Probes
InterfaceUSB, Bluetooth
Color display2,7" LCD color display with background illumination
Battery lifetimeup to 1500 Measurements, 2 Lithium-Ion Akkupacks

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MA9x Series MultigeometryMA9x Series MultigeometryMA9x Series MultigeometryMA9x Series MultigeometryMA9x Series MultigeometryMA9x Series Multigeometry
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