Our Exhibition Room

In our exhibition room every visitor has the opportunity of getting information about color references, colorimetry and standard light. We are looking forward to advising you. Visitors with own material patterns are allowed to execute own measuring tests and to test viewing booths of different producers. Our exhibition room is opened from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Different visiting hours can be arranged by phone. We also offer interesting events concerning color. The appointments for our seminars, special exhibitions and lectures can be found here appointments and seminars. Basic topics of the permanent exhibition:

Color references:

  • Presentation of popular color systems and color collection, purpose and
  • handling of products and implements
  • Practical aspects of using color systems and their tools
  • Colors and surface finishing in the printing industry
  • Possibilities and limits of cmyk
  • Handling of color comparison, tolerance arrangement with clients
  • Munsell color system of ordering, standard color and customized colors
  • Customer color tolerance charts used for quality check
  • Individual and customized color code books, production facilities like varnish
  • printing, serigraphy and offset printing
  • Construction of color profiles for clients and own color code books limited editions

Standard light in the industry:

  • What is standard light and where is the equipment used
  • Light colors and their usage
  • Advices for color patterns
  • Light experiments with different exhibits and metamerism
  • Practical tests of differently build viewing booths
  • Testing of defective color vision

SpectrophotometersColor metrology and gloss measurement:

  • Different measuring geometries and their usage
  • Different measuring instruments for different practical requirements
  • System solutions and concepts for color quality management based on the industry in cooperation with independent specialists of colorimetry

Our firm is directly located on the A3 between Aschaffenburg and Würzburg, freeway exit ramp 66 Wertheim-Lengfurt. Counterpart to our company the popular shopping paradise „Wertheim Village“ FOC is situated. The environment offers many interesting tourist attractions just like the historical old city of Wertheim with a beautiful castle, the romantic Tauber Valley and of course the little wineries with excellent drops of the Frankish region.