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LED2match App - License 2 Remote Control

Unity Color (Torso-Verlag)
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LED2match App - License 2 Remote Control
LED2match App - License 2 Remote Control
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Products description

UnityColor LED2match© App – LED Light Control System

1 App - 3 licenses to control all UnityColor® LED standard light products

For the remote control of all UnityColor LED standard Light products there is an Android app with 3 license steps (from Android 6 and higher) .
The App License 1 is in included in the standard delivery of all UnityColor® LED standard light products. It offers hours meters for all light sources printed on the hardware control panel of the booth. The user gets much more functions on his light booth, which are not possible with the luminaires with tubes.
For a tabletop booth there is no remote control via app necessary. The app is only needed if the user needs own light sources. For light studios the app is important to have.

The free of charge license 1 offers the following functions:

  • Displays the hour meter for every light source
  • Reset of hour meters for each light source

The hour meter function is not very important for LED-light sources, it is most important for the tubes in the booth.

The License 2 for the LED2match© app (user option) offers these functions:

  • 6 buttons for pre-programmed light types, with the order freely assignable (on delivery: D65, TL84, A, LED, D50, UVA), plus 3 further buttons for Program Start, LOW (for 50% illuminance) and OFF
  • Programmable light type sequence with selectable order of light types and adjustable lighting duration for each light type
  • Program sequence can be selected as an endless loop
  • Option for setting up automatic switch-off after the last switching activity (this is selected in minutes – the default setting is 60 minutes)
  • Option for the "exit light" in minutes, during this time a less illuminated light shows you the way to the door, necessary for rooms withous windows.

The app License 3 of the LED2match© app (maintenance option, price on request) offers access to the additional functions for technicians:

  • 3 further buttons can be displayed for additional light types (a total of 9 light types can be displayed on the interface).
  • Separate illuminance values can be set up and saved for each light type from 0-100%.
  • An unlimited number of customer-specific light types can be programmed via sliders for individual spectral values.
  • Channel function with 3 adressable areas to adjust illuminance and eliminate illuminance differences between the edges and the middle of a large light studio.

The license and the setup data is stored from the app into the hardware controller of the booth. So you can control one unit with variable numbers of mobile devices.

If you are interested in license 2 for light studios, maintenance services and sience, please ask us.

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LED2match App - License 2 Remote Control
Mobile app for LED light booths with keys for 6 light sources, programmable light sequence and some setup functions.
Shipping time: in stock
350,00 €
19 % VAT plus.
416,50 €
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