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MiniMatcher-1e Series D65

MiniMatcher-1e Series D65

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Product no.: 43-08620
EAN: 4250193401771
factory number: MM-1e/65
Shipping time: 1 Week

MiniMatcher-1e Series

Standard viewing system model MM-1e, performance like MM2e but with major illuminating area 61 x 35 x 34 cm, 3 stages of expansion.

Compact color judging systems with different sources of lights for consideration and estimation of color patterns for inks, color and varnish, plastics, textile, paper and dyestuffs and so on, ideal for , cosmetics industry, coating, printing and package, advertising.

New! Now with fx-light for metallic-pigments, inks, coloring optionally available.

MiniMatcher 1e are available with each 3 sources of light, D65 (optional D50), TL84, bulb light (Homelight respectively Incandescent) They can be additionally delivered with UV-light for detection of optical brightener (see drawing) and with FX-light for judgment of metallic areas.
All our standard viewing systems are populated with specially manufactured and certificated daylight-bulbs (D50, D65, D75). You can easily combine MiniMatcher and CMB-models in the production and you have the same daylight on every location.

MiniMatcher are easy to handle and they can be fixed in between minutes without tools. A hour meter is available by additional charge.

  • the only standard viewing system with optional FX-light for judgment of metallic-colors and -pigments optimized
  • high quality finishing by Munsell N7
  • individual assembly possible, please ask us
  • maintenance-free, tubes can be changed by customer, no calibration necessary
  • because of tubes very low energy consumption
  • external dimensions in cm: 67 x 41,5 x height 49, inside dimensions: 60,5 x 33 x height 36
  • 2 sizes by choice, sizes look page down

Available models:

  • MiniMatcher 1e/65 with the light sources D65 (alt. D50), TL84, A  / (see option menue above)
  • MiniMatcher 1e/65/UV with the light sources D65 (alt. D50), TL84, A, UV / (see option menue above)
  • MiniMatcher 1e/65/FX with the light sources D65 (alt. D50), TL84, A, FX / price on request
  • MiniMatcher 1e/65/UV/FX with the light sources D65 (alt. D50), TL84, A, UV, FX / price on request

Ask us for an optional assembly, we will give you advice.

MiniMatcher-1e Series D65MiniMatcher-1e Series D65
Diffusion Lens for MiniMatcher Series

Diffusion Lens for MiniMatcher Series

Light diffusion lens for MM Series for spreading the light into the light cabin to avoid mirroring.

Black Insert Panels

Black Insert Panels

Magentic black insert panels for nearly all Models of MiniMatcher and CMB standard light cabins.

Sample holder, setting angle

Sample holder, setting angle

The Setting Angle and the bigger sample holder help to find the correct observer angle of 45°.

45° Sample Holder

45° Sample Holder

For color matching in the standardlight cabin or under the Standardlight-Overheadluminaire.

Spare Lamps for GTI MiniMatcher Series

Spare Lamps for GTI MiniMatcher Series

Complete Spare Lamp Set for the Standard Light Cabins of the MM-Series with all Light Tubes incl. UV-light.

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