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Luminance Meter LS-150

Product no.: 53-06010/11
MPN: 1842165
Weight: 1,00 kg
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
Luminance Meter LS-150
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  • Products description
Products description

Luminance Meter LS-150 / LS-160

from Konica-Minolta

The spot luminance meters LS-150 and LS-160, categorized in the upper range of the DIN quality class B, are among the best hand meters on the market. The SLR (single lens reflex) optical system allows precise targeting and ensures that the viewfinder shows the exact area to be measured, even at very short distances. This makes even precise focussing very easy. In addition to the measurement field and the measurement environment, the viewfinder also shows the measured luminance value. The pistol grip makes handling of the unit very secure. We have given special attention to minimize flare and to give precise V(λ) correlation (CIE relative photopic luminosity curve). With the help of a close-up lens, areas as small as 0.4mm diameter can be measured.

Light sources of all types can be measured with the LS, for example signal, traffic lights, airport lighting, lamps, LED's, picture tubes, etc., just about anything that emits light. Now you can, for example, guarantee minimum brightness, exchange lamps that are too dark early enough, build quality assurance into the production of lamps, or check indirectly illuminated objects like movie screens.
Leasing from ca. 70,00 Euro net monthly.

Main features:

  • SLR (single-lens-reflex) optical system
  • Spot measurement for small target areas, with optional lenses down to 0,4 mm
  • Measuring values:  luminance, luminance difference, luminance relationship, hill- and vale measuring
  • Luminance direct readable in view finder and display
  • 1000 data memories
  • USB 2.0 connector for data exchange and power supply
  • User calibration and color-correction functions for wide ranging support
  • Light scatter fuse
  • Measuring and reporting software CS-S20w included
  • Options: 4 Achromatic lenses, mirror reflex finder, long ocular, AC adaptor (see tab "Accessoires")


ModelLuminance Meter LS-150Luminance Meter LS-160
TypeSLR spot luminance meter for measuring light-source and surface brightness
Acceptance angle1/3°
Optical system85mm f/2.8 lens; SLR viewing system; flare factor less than ≤ 1 %
Angle of view
Focusing distance1014mm (40 in.) to infinity
Minimum measuring areaΦ 14.4mmΦ 4.8mm
ReceptorSilicon photocell
Relative Spectral Response*Within 8% (f1´) of the CIE spectral luminous efficiency V (λ)
Response timeFAST: Sampling time: 0.1s, time to display: 0.8 to 1.0s; SLOW: Sampling time: 0.4s, time to display: 1.4 to 1.6s
Luminance unitscd/m2 or fL (switchable) (Candela/m² or Foot Lambert)
Measuring range0,001 bis 999.900 cd/m0,01 bis 9.999.900 cd/m²
AccuracyLv ±2%+2 digit (under 1cd/m2)
Lv ±2%+1 digit (over 1cd/m2)
Lv ±2%+2 digit (under 10cd/m2)
Lv ±2%+1 digit (over 10cd/m2)
(Illuminant A measured at ambient temperature of 20 to 30°C/68 to 86°F)
RepeatabilityLv ±0.2%+1digitLv ±0.2%+1digit
(Measurement subject: Illuminant A)
Temperature/humidity driftWithin ±3% ±1 digit (of value displayed at 20°C/68°F) within operatingtemperature /humidity range
Calibration modeMinolta standard/user-selected standard (switchable)
Color correction factorSet by numerical input; range: 0.001 to 9.999
Reference luminance10 ch; set by measurement or numerical input
Measurement modesLuminance; luminance ratio; peak luminance or luminance ratio
Unit classClass B unit according to DIN 5032-7
DisplayExternal: Large multi digit LCD with backlight (with dimmer function) and additional indications
Viewfinder: 4 -digit LCD with LED backlight
Data communicationUSB 2.0
External controlMeasurement process can be started by external PC software
Power source2 Mignon AA-Batteries, USB, AC power connector (Option)
Operating temperature/humidity range0 to 40°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Storage temperature /humidity range-20 to 55°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Dimensions79×208×150mm (3-1/8×8-3/16×5-7/8 in.)
Weight850g (30 oz.) without battery
Standard accessoriesLens cap; Eyepiece cap; 2 AA-size batteries, Wrist wrap; Case, USB cable, Data management software CS-S20, (AC adaptor optional, see tab "Accessoires")

For the LS-150 and the LS-160 are the following close-up lenses available, please ask us:

Close-up Lens

Minimum Measuring Area CS-150

Minimum Measuring Area CS-160

Item Order Code

No. 153

Ø 8.0 mm

Ø 2.7 mm

1804- 740

No. 135

Ø 5.2 mm

Ø 1.8 mm

1804- 741

No. 122

Ø 5.2 mm

Ø 1.1 mm

1804- 742

No. 110

Ø 1.3 mm

Ø 0.4 mm

1804- 743

Achromat Lenses for LS-150 and LS-160
Achromat lenses are used to limit the measuring area of the Konica-Minolta luminance meters.
Shipping time: 1 Week
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from 238,00 €
19 % VAT incl.
Power Supply for the LS-150/LS-160
AC power supply AC-A305M for Konica-Minolta luminance meter is recommended for continuous operation.
Shipping time: 1 Week
75,00 €
19 % VAT plus.
89,25 €
19 % VAT incl.
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Luminance Meter LS-150
Konica-Minolta spot luminance meters LS-150 and LS-160  for light sources of all types, for quality assurance and development.
Shipping time: 1 Week
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3.891,30 €
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