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X-Rite VS 450 noncontact colorimeter

Product no.: 50-02060
GTIN/EAN: 4250193400927
MPN: VS450
Weight: 0,00 kg
X-Rite VS 450 noncontact colorimeter
X-Rite VS 450 noncontact colorimeter
X-Rite VS 450 noncontact colorimeter
X-Rite VS 450 noncontact colorimeter
X-Rite VS 450 noncontact colorimeter
X-Rite VS 450 noncontact colorimeter
X-Rite VS 450 noncontact colorimeter
X-Rite VS 450 noncontact colorimeter
X-Rite VS 450 noncontact colorimeter
X-Rite VS 450 noncontact colorimeter
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  • Products description
Products description

VS 450 stationary spectral photometer for non-contact color measurings

Measuring geometry 45° illumination / 0° measuring, contactless

VS450 – non-contact spectral photometer with gloss measuring

The spectral photometer VS450 by X-Rite is a table instrument with 45°/0° geometry for a non-contact color and gloss measurement on liquid, wet or dry samples. The low-price colormeasuring instrument makes the acquisition of 2- and 3-dimensional objects possible. The integrated glossmeter prepares gloss values out of an angle of 60°.

The special thing about the instrument is the capability to analyze different liquid and powdered substances but also other traditional heavy materials like leather in a natural and unnatural condition.
In contrast to the instruments with contact measuring the measuring opening is put on the sample. It works with a distance of 38 mm. Therefore the separating layer out of glass or plastics, that were actually used as a protection, can be dispensed. Consequently there are reliable results.

The non-contact VS450 color-measuring instrument makes a low-price beginning into color measuring possible. Special application fields are:

  • Color measurements of food, liquids, raw material, gel-like substances, wet coat samples
  • Archeology and soil physics – measurements of minerals, findings, soil samples, earth, sand
  • Construction industry – measurements of bulk material and powdery materials, measurements of moist paintings
  • Cosmetics industries – color control on powdery and pasty substances, liquid and semi liquid care products
  • Pharmaceutical industry – color control on raw material, liquids, powder
  • Gloss measurement 60° corelates

Product features of the X-Rite VS-450 non-contact spectrophotometer:

  • Contactless color-measuring without changing the sample surface
  • Long standing reliable usage with LED-full spectrum light
  • Double beam technology with 31 measuring points (10nm measuring distance from 400 to 700 nm)
  • Fast, easy sample positioning, Line of Site™- field of vision
  • High measuring precision by Active Visual Targeting, that projects a clearly visible illuminated area around the measuring field on the sample surface
  • Fast, uncomplicated change between two orifices (6 and 12 mm) via mouse click without recalibration
  • Integrated gloss measuring for similtanous gloss measuring out of one 60° angle

Specifications VS-450 spectral photometer with gloss measuring:

Measuring Geometry:45/0° with 2 light sources
Target Window/Aperture:adjustable 6 mm or 12 mm
Standard Observers:2° / 10°
Spectral Range:400 - 700 nm
Spectral Interval:10 nm
Inter-Instrument Agreement:0,15 dE* (12 BCRA-tiles)
Measurement Range:0 - 150% reflectance
Measuring Distance:38 mm nominal, lens to measuring area
Geometry of Gloss Measurement:45°/0°, 60° corellatet
Accuracy of Gloss Measurement:0-10 GE plus/minus 0,2 GE / 10-100 GE plus/minus 0,6 GE
Repeatability5-92 GE, max. 3,0 GE, average 1,5 GE
Data Interface:USB 2.0
Abmessungen H x B x T:14,6 x 24,80 x 15,24 cm
Gewicht:2,24 Kg
Light source:Full spectrum LED, lifetime > 20 million flashes

For more technical details please ask us.

The instrument has no own display and no storage. It is operated with an optional QS-software Color iQC.

CCS II Green Tile 10x10 cm for Instrument Testing
Requested certifiable ceramic tile CCS II Green for the daily control of you spectral photometer.
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X-Rite VS 450 noncontact colorimeter
Desk instrument with measuring geometry 45° for contactless color and gloss measurements.
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