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CCS II Green Tile 10x10 cm for Instrument Testing

CCS II Green Tile 10x10 cm for Instrument Testing

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Product no.: 44-00201
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Green tile for the easy supervising of spectral photometer

The CCS II tiles (Ceramic Color Standard II, previous BCRA tiles) are color standards for testing color measuring instruments with accuracy.

The CCS II tile is only available in GB. Because of the increased prices and shipping cost and the high investment for certification, we stopped the distribution.
Certification of CCS II tiles is very expensive and circumstantial. If you need to recertificate your tiles every year, you have to send it to GB. This we are not in able to offer because of the work of organisation. E.g. recertification of a single green tile will take more invest than buying a new one, because of the high organizatoric work.
We want to introduce instead of tiles our own product UnityColor ColorDisk to inspect your spectrophotometer.

  • Format 10 x 10 cm, glossy surface
  • Also available with matte surface, but these are very sensitiv for scratches
  • Homogeneous color displaying over the tile surface, not cloudy
  • At a protected storage it will be color-fast over a long time
  • Optionally in a protection case

Also available :

  • Set with 12 tiles: 7 color tiles, 2 color difference tiles, 3 neutral grey tiles
  • Set with grey scale with 10 tiles from black to white
  • Singe tiles black or white

CCS II tiles was previous BCRA tiles.

CCS II Green Tile 10x10 cm for Instrument TestingCCS II Green Tile 10x10 cm for Instrument Testing
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