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X-Rite Ci6x-Series Portable Colorimeter

X-Rite Ci6x-Series Portable Colorimeter

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Product no.: 50-01200/10/20
EAN: 4250193400873
factory number: Ci60-XRMNN_
Shipping time: On Request

X-Rite Ci6x Series Portable Spectrophotometer

Ulbricht sphere measuring geometry d:8°

NEW series spectrophotometer available in 3 qualities, each with its respective measurement aperture. The new Ci6xx series replaces the previous range of SP6x instruments.

Depending on the model, Ci6xx instruments can be supplied with two apertures with a fixed lens or interchangeable lens according to customer requirements.
As with the previous SP6x series, the measurement accuracy and inter-instrument agreement with Ci60, Ci62 and Ci64 increase in line with the ascending designations.
The Ci64 offers the greatest accuracy. One superb feature of the Ci64 is the high level of inter-instrument agreement which ensures that uniform quality standards are achieved at different production sites. Instruments acquired later can also be normalized with existing ones (NetProfiler)

  • 3 models with varying measurement accuracies and measurement apertures:
  • CI60 entry-level instrument excl. PC connection (item no. 50-01200)
  • CI62 top end mid-class, very high precision, choose model Ci62 S or Ci62 M (item no. 50-01210)
  • CI64 S/M high-end instrument (item no. 50-01220), also available as Ci64 UV (only S/M)
  • Lightweight handheld colorimeter for mobile use
  • Long service life: the tungsten halogen bulb is designed for 500,000 measurements
  • PC connection permits use with color measurement software
  • PC software available (ColorMaster or Color iControl, as well as composition software)
  • Instruction and training available at our training facility or at your premises
  • Leasing from ca. 95,00 Euro per type up to ca. 220,00 Euro netto monthly

New in the current X-Rite Ci6x-series:

  • USB connection for significantly faster data transfer to and from PC
  • Built-in Bluetooth interface
  • Configuration software for PC
  • Indicator displays current calibration status
  • Now stores 2000 standards and 4000 samples
  • Available with calibrated UV LED for stimulating optical brightener ( Ci64 UV )
  • Green tile for testing instruments built into calibration base
  • Color screen with clearly legible displays, 3.2"/8.1 cm, illuminated
  • Calculates correlated 60° gloss value using SPIN/SPEX measurement
  • Tungsten halogen bulb provides for backward compatibility with SP series
  • Improved measurement shoe mechanics
  • Same measurement shoe as SP and 900 series - existing accessories will also fit the new Ci6x series

Technical details of Spectrphotometer X-Rite Ci6x-Series:

Device Designation:Ci60Ci62Ci64 / Ci64 UV
Measuring Geometry:d/8° sphere geometry
Target Window/
Measurement Area:
14/8 mmS: 6,5/4 mm
M: 14/8 mm
D: 4/6,5 mm 8/14 mm (Dual, also for UV)
L: 20/14 mm not variable (not for UV)
Standard Observers:2°/10°
Spectral Range:400 - 700 nm
Spectral Interval:10 nm
Inter. Instrument Agreement:0,40 ΔE*0,20 ΔE*0,13 ΔE* CIELAB
0,20 ΔE* at 6,5/4 mm Blende
Short-time Repeatability:0,10 ΔE*0,05 ΔE*0,04 ΔE* CIELAB
Illuminants:A, C, D50, D65, F2, F7, F11 und F12
Color Systems:L*a*b*, ∆L*∆a*∆b*, L*C*h°, ∆L•∆C*∆H*, ∆E*ab, ∆ECMC, ∆E CIE94, XYZ, Whiteness and Yellowness according to ASTM E313-98
Color Spaces, Index:[√/X], Lab, YI1925, WI Taube, ΔEcmc, ΔLab, ΔWI73, L*a*b*, reflexion, WI98, MI, ΔE00, Δreflectance, ΔWI Berger, L*C*h°, Munsell-Notation, WI73, MI6172, ΔE94, ΔYI98, ΔWI Hunter, XYZ, Gray Scale, WI Berger, Glanz, ΔXYZ, ΔYI73, ΔWI Stensby, Yxy, YI98, WI Hunter, ΔL*a*b*, ΔYxy, ΔYI1925, ΔWI Taube, L*u*v*, YI73, WI Stensby, ΔL*C*h°, ΔL*u*v*, ΔWI98, average value, 555-colorgratation, verbal difference
Storage Capacity:2000 standards with tolerances, 4000 samplings
Measurement Range:0 - 200% reflectance
Measuring Time:< 2 sec.
Light Source:Wolfram Halogen Lamp
Operating Temperature:10° C bis 40° C, maximum 85% relative humidity (noncondensing)
Measurements per Charge:1000 in 8 h
Data Interface:n/aUSB, Bluetooth-adapter
Dimensions H x W x L:10,9 cm x 9,1 cm x 21,3 cm
Weight:Gerät 1,1 Kg, incl. case with accessories ca. 3 Kg
Electrical Power Supply:Removeable Ni-Metal Hydride battery pack 7,4 VDC, 2400 mAh
Accessories Provided:Calibration standards, green tile, CD-operation manual, AC adapter, carrying case

More technical data on request.

Optional accessories: Available on request: adjustable measurement instrument holder, pellet holder, holder for powders and liquids, universal holder for 3D samples, battery charger, replaceable battery pack and various measurement apertures.

Customized quotations, optional software and training:
We'd be delighted to provide a customized quotation including software and training.

X-Rite Ci6x-Series Portable ColorimeterX-Rite Ci6x-Series Portable ColorimeterX-Rite Ci6x-Series Portable ColorimeterX-Rite Ci6x-Series Portable ColorimeterX-Rite Ci6x-Series Portable ColorimeterX-Rite Ci6x-Series Portable ColorimeterX-Rite Ci6x-Series Portable ColorimeterX-Rite Ci6x-Series Portable Colorimeter
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