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BYK spectro-guide gloss Spectrophotometer

BYK spectro-guide gloss Spectrophotometer

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Product no.: 50-01500/10
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factory number: 6834
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Weight: 3,00kg

BYK spectro-guide gloss

Color measurement with 45:0°- or d:8° spheric-measurement geometry and 60° gloss measurement with equipment

Color appearance on the surfaces of items is characterized by two factors: color and gloss. Two surfaces with similar color but with different gloss do not look the same visually. The 45°/0°-measurement geometry is affected by the human eye. In order to measure a pure color tone without taking  optical properties into account, just as gloss or structures, the sphericmeasurement (Ulbricht’s sphere). The BYK spectro-guide spectro photometer cannot only be ordered in usual measurement geometries. Respectively a 60°-measurement is integrated. 60°-gloss measurement is sufficient for most of the applications. Only in extreme cases under 5 GE or over 80 GE (gloss units) seperate gloss meters with 85° resp. with 20° measurement
geometry are required.

Advantages of the integrated gloss measurement of spectro-guide:

  • Color (45/0 resp. sphere) and 60° gloss are displayed at the same time
  • Color and gloss measuring through one target window without moving the instrument
  • Agreement with international standards
  • Input of tolerances for color and gloss – ideal for fast pass/fail decisions in production

An overview of the key aspects:

  • Patented lighting technology with spectral LEDs at 45°/0-degree geometry. Because of a white coated hemisphere there is homogene lighting of the sample, no influence on the measurement direction and excellent repeatability even on structured surfaces
  • New, patented measuring principle in order to achieve a complete all-round lightning
  • Independent from measuring results between 10° and 42° C ambient temperatures
  • Longtime calibration
  • Configurable display, easy handling
  • Measurements also on bent surfaces
  • The supplied software „easy-link“ for an easy archieving of all measurement data and graphical displaying of all measuring results (opt. prof. QS-Software "autoqc" available).
  • 10 years of guaranty for light source
  • Leasing from ca. 200,00 Euro per month (only for German customers)


Technical Data Color Measuring:

Measuring Geometry 45/045° Illumination / 0° Measuring
Measuring Geometry Sphered/8° spin
Target Window Color11,0 mm Ø
Standard Observers:2°/10°
Illuminants:A, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, UL30
Spectral Range:400 - 700 nm
Spectral Interval:10 nm
Inter Instrument Agreement:0,20 dE* (Average of 12 CCS II Tiles)
Repeatability:0,01 dE* (10 Measurements on white Tile)
Storage Capacity:1500 Standards with Tolerances, 999 Samples
Color Systems:CIELab/Ch, Lab(h), XYZ, Yxy
Color Differences:ΔE*, ΔE(h), ΔEFMC2, ΔE94, ΔECMC, ΔE99, ΔE2000
Operating Temperature:10 °C - 42 °C (50 °F - 110 °F
max. 85% rel. Humidity (not condensed)
Indizes:YIE313, YID1925, WIE313, CIE; Berger; Color Strength, Opacity, Metamerism
Light Source:Full Spectral LED
PC Connector:USB
Dimensions H x B x L:9,5 x 8 x 18 cm (3,7 x 3,2 x 7 in)
Weight:0,5 kg
According to following Standards:ASTM D 2244, E 308, E 1164; DIN 5033, 5036, 6174; ISO 7724

Technical Data Gloss Measuring:

Measuring Geometry:real 60° Measurement (not only korrelated)
Target Window Gloss5,0 x 10,0 mm
Measuring Range:0 - 100 GU
Repeatability:± 0.2 GU
Inter Instrument Agreement:± 1 GU
According to the following Standards:ASTM D 523, D 2457; DIN 67530; ISO 2813, 7668


Scope of delivery:
spectro photometer, calibration standard with "black and white" confirmation, test standard green (green tile) , high gloss standard, software easy-link, sample observer, interface cable, USB adapter, 4 Alkaline batteries, carrying loop, carrying case, instruction, leaflet color theory

BYK spectro-guide gloss SpectrophotometerBYK spectro-guide gloss SpectrophotometerBYK spectro-guide gloss SpectrophotometerBYK spectro-guide gloss SpectrophotometerBYK spectro-guide gloss SpectrophotometerBYK spectro-guide gloss SpectrophotometerBYK spectro-guide gloss SpectrophotometerBYK spectro-guide gloss Spectrophotometer
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