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Product no.: 51-03010
EAN: 4250193402426
Shipping time: Discontinued

Formulation Master
Software for color formulation

Product was discontinued, please use the actual product from X-Rite Color iControl Software.

Network-compatible software for color scheme with integrated quality assurance software ColorMaster II and Metallix. For use in all industrial sectors such as plastics, coating and color, and textile in opaque, translucent or transparent colors. The scheme software quickly provides the expected hue, whether in the laboratory or in the produciton. This software gives the user the security in the argumentation to customers and suppliers.

Functions at a glance: Formulation Master I / II:

  • Supports the following colorimeter: all models 45/0° and d/8° of X-Rite and GretagMacbeth i5, i7, 7000A, not GretagMacbeth XTH (now X-Rite XTH). Even some instruments from other manufacturers are supported, please usk us.
  • Graphical display of tolerance spaces, spectro values & curves, trend values and analyses as well as types of light, etc.
  • Shared optical sample display and display of the last used standards
  • Scheme of the remaining colors
  • Tolerance warning
  • Quick correction
  • Customized default tolerance
  • Advanced function "Save as"
  • Fixed payload / opacity and payload weight
  • Scheme with set elements
  • Multiple scheme operations
  • General reporting about standard information, samples and sample set
  • Data import and export possible
  • Connection to standard spectrophotometer possible
  • Minutes printout possible
  • Online help function in the instant access
  • SpectroSync capable
  • Display of different views and provisional standards, create alternative standards
  • User-defined control elements, projects and jobs
  • Verbal color descriptiong and saveable views
  • Indicators with colored code and indicators make and assign
  • Viscosity and extended trend plotting
  • Filter by batch number
  • Conform and user-defined reports in excel convertible

Additional functions of Formulation Master II:

  • Various tolerances for standards and setting of user-defined tolerances
  • Mulit-angle database
  • Creation and processing of calbration records
  • Color Designer Emulation
  • Test of color stability and function to create hue templates
  • Graphical job function and additional indicator category

Process safety and efficiency will be increased. Productivity losses through change of control personnel or commodity will be avoided. You recieve a faster and more accurate coloring. A reduced use of commodity is possible through the use of FormulationMaster.

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