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Chinese Building Color Card

Chinese Building Color Card

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Chinese Building Color Card (CBCC)

Specification for Building Purposes - Standard No. GB/T18922-2002

The only color fan for architectural colors in China. Edition from 2010.

The color notations of Color Standard of China (CSC) have the same structure as the Munsell color system. H (hue), V (value) and C (chroma) are also used. However, in China, other measuring methods are used, so the same color notation in Munsell and CSC is a different color. The colors shown in the fan correspond only in rare shades of grey all intermediate tones. As an example, a strong yellow has the name 1.9Y 7.6/9.9.

For easy color communication each page (except the HVC notation) has a sequential numer (e.g. 030) and every color field on the page a number of 1-6 in combination with the page number. For example, on page 30 the 2nd color field has the color notation 9.4RP 7.5/3.6 and the no. 0302.

The CBCC color fan for architectural colors is an abstract of for architecture appropriate colors of the color space of CSC and contains 171 pages with 1026 colors.


  • Fan in hardcoverbox, approximately 28.8 x 5.8 x 6.0 cm, delivered with additional protection box
  • Color fields 5.0 x 3.0 cm
  • Matte
  • Description only in Chinese
Chinese Building Color CardChinese Building Color Card


CBCC color list

Color list with the 1026 architectural colors from the Chinese Building color fan

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