Pantone Plastics Chips with 3 Material Gauges

PANTONE Plastics Color Palette

Pantone Plastics is the worldwide leading and the most comprehensive color library for plastics.
1740 PANTONE color references, therefrom 1005 opaque and 735 transparent colors are available for designers, architects and production enterprises as single chips for the selection and specification of plastic colors.
All color chips are individually available. This circumstance allows a production of customer or project-specific color profiles and relieved a worldwide color
Especially for the plastic sector PANTONE brought out a color system with standardized samples from colored plastics a few years ago. In a short time it became the leading product internationally. There is nothing comparable to it. Up to now no other independent color specifier has ever produced a product like this.
Especially for product designer PANTONE plastics is an ideal working equipment in order to select and define individual colors. Next to 1.005 opaque color chips there are 735 transparent color chips that are well structured in a clear folder system. PANTONE plastic color codes are identifiable in the pattern TXXX-X-X resp. QXXXX-X (X is a number) for transparent resp. opaque samples. PANTONE print and
PANTONE textile color codes are easy to distinguish.