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PANTONE CMYK Guide Set - 2 Fan Deck Set

Product no.: 12-00145
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PANTONE CMYK Guide Set - 2 Fan Deck Set
PANTONE CMYK Guide Set - 2 Fan Deck Set
PANTONE CMYK Guide Set - 2 Fan Deck Set
PANTONE CMYK Guide Set - 2 Fan Deck Set
PANTONE CMYK Guide Set - 2 Fan Deck Set
PANTONE CMYK Guide Set - 2 Fan Deck Set
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Products description

PANTONE CMYK Guide coated & uncoated

Original PANTONE CMYK Guide Set with 2848 CMYK Colors and Description of Color Data

2021 Edition with new cover, content is unchanged to version 2019.
NEW: the cmyk colors which match with Pantone Colors from the FormulaGuide are marked (without name of the solid color).
The new PANTONE PLUS SERIES CMYK color fans contains 2848 chromatically arranged process colors for the offset print on coated and uncoated paper with an indication of dot references (color dye for cmyk). Because of the perfect selection of light and dark colors the color fans make an intuitive color determining for script, motives, frames, backgrounds and other graphical elements possible. On each page there is one color tone presented in 16 harmonic steps from light to dark. That’s especially useful for sophisticated tone-in-tone designs. The fans can also be used for process colors.

The Pantone CMYK process colors are a selection out of the CMYK color space and don’t confirm to the Pantone spot colors. For Pantone Colors coated & uncoated in cmyk please choose the Pantone ColorBridge.

The fan set contains:

  • cmyk guide in detail2848 chromatically arranged (according to the tone) CMYK colors
  • Color depiction on coated and uncoated paper
  • Each fan consists of 178 pages with 16 colors per each page
  • Each page contains one color tone, harmonically arranged from light to dark
  • Printed with environmental friendly, ISO certificated print colors on standard paper to meet staple printing requests
  • Metamerie checker included in each color fan for testing the ambient light according to D50
  • The fan set can be used like a color atlas
  • Fan format 23,5 x 4,2 cm, color depiction 20 x 18 mm bled off, 16 color per each page

For a better result and a good reproduction of colors take a look at the technical advices (multilingual) at the beginning of the fan.
Original PANTONE CMYK Guide in a 2-piece set coated and uncoated for process  colors in the offset print.

The fan set is the perfect supplement to CMYK color atlases.
The two fans mainly contain intermediate hues which are not included in the color atlases. These mostly include a large number of achromatic colors (i.e. shades of gray), very fine pastel gradations and many skin colors.
Each page displays one hue in 16 harmonic steps from bright to dark, which is particularly useful for sophisticated tone-on-tone designs. The fans can therefore be used as a color atlas for process colors when designing sophisticated letterheads.

Tips for users:
It is now cheaper to print printed materials in cmyk rather than a special color (full-tone color). The process colors offer you a very wide choice of colors for sophisticated designs on letterheads without the additional cost of printing.

Information on paper qualities:
coated c = coated printing paper - applications, e.g. leaflets, catalogs, postcards and packaging uncoated u = uncoated paper - applications, e.g. headed notepaper, business cards and manuals
To achieve excellent results and reproducibility of the colors, please observe the information in the technical description (in English) in the introduction to the fan. Printing inks are transparent colors and the color impression is therefore always dependent on the substrate. In the digital printing process (laser and ink), the colors might vary considerably.

CMYK Guide Set color list1.77 MBDownloadColor list with all color numbers from the cmyk color fan from Pantone.
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PANTONE CMYK Guide Set - 2 Fan Deck Set
CMYK color fan edition 2021 with 2848 chromatically arranged process colors for the offset print on coated and uncoated.
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