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NCS Black & White Colors

NCS Black & White Colors

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Product no.: 20-00026
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NCS BLACK & WHITE Color Fan Deck with 79 nearly neutral colors

The new NCS BLACK & WHITE Color Fan Deck is a design tool for creating with grayscale colors and nearly neutral colors in a variety of lightness levels. The large color samples in A6 size provide for the realistic visual assessment of color and comparison against different surfaces. The 79 hues shown are divided into 9 groups and form a selection of the 1,950 NCS standard colors.

  • Fan deck with 79 colors, of which 19 are neutral and 60 nearly neutral
  • Divided into 9 grayscale groups
  • Selected from the 1,950 NSC standard colors
  • Arranged according to hue and lightness
  • Hues divided by intermediate pages
  • Sample color size 148 x 105 mm, semi matt
  • Held together with fastener
  • Supplied in black protective cardboard box

TIP: The fan deck is held together with a removable fastener. To make it easier to compare color samples, simply unscrew the fastener and use the samples separately. All color samples can also be supplied as individual A4 sheets.

Table of hues included in NCS Black & White fan deck:

1. Group:19 neutral hues from white to black:
S 0300-N, S 0500-N, S 1000-N, S 1500-N, S 2000-N, S 0300-N, S 2500-N, S 3000-N, S 3500-N, S 4000-N, S 4500-N, S 5000-N, S 5500-N, S 6000-N, S 6500-N, S 7000-N, S 7500-N, S 8000-N, S 8500-N, S 9000-N
2. Group:C = 02-Y:
S 0502-Y, S 1002-Y, S 1502-Y, S 2002-Y, S 2002-Y, S 3502-Y, S 4502-Y, S 5502-Y, S 6502-Y, S 7502-Y, S 8502-Y
3. Group:C = 02-Y50R:
S 0502-Y50R, S 1002-Y50R, S 1502-Y50R, S 2002-Y50R
4. Group:C = 02-R:
S 0502-R, S 1002-R, S 1502-R, S 2002-R, S 2502-R, S 3502-R, S 4502-R, S 5502-R, S 6502-R, S 7502-R, S 8502-R
5. Group:C = 02-R50B:
S 0502-R50B, S 1002-R50B, S 1502-R50B, S 2002-R50B
6. Group:C = 02-B:
0502-B, S 1002-B, S 1502-B, S 2002-B, S 2502-B, S 3502-B, S 4502-B, S 5502-B, S 6502-B, S 7502-B, S 8502-B
7. Group:C = 02-B50G:
S 0502-B50G, S 1002-B50G, S 1502-B50G, S 2002-B50G
8. Group:C = 02-G:
S 0502-G, S 1002-G, S 1502-G, S 2002-G, S 2502-G, S 3502-G, S 4502-G, S 5502-G, S 6502-G, S 7502-G, S 8502-G
9. Group:C = 02-G50Y:
S 0502-G50Y, S 1002-G50Y, S 1502-G50Y, S 2002-G50Y


NCS Black & White Colors
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