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Le Corbusier color keyboards

Le Corbusier color keyboards

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Book of Le Corbusier color keyboards with the colors of Polychromy Architecturale

Le Corbusier‘s color keyboards are a classic standard tool of architectural color design for architects, interior designers, designers and home decorators. The book with detailed description, presentation of the keyboards on 13 color pages and enclosed masks to isolate color tones is a must-have for the sophisticated color scheme based on the ideas of Le Corbusier. Even for beginners, the work is recommended, because it represents the numerous combination possibilities of the 63 Le Corbusier colors in an impressive way.


  • Book with sturdy cover, size 30 x 21.5 cm, perfect binding
  • 44 pages inside, high-quality offset printing 4-color on picture cardboard
  • 1 overview page with all 63 colors
  • 13 pages with the color keyboards of 1931 and 1959
  • 2 masks (glasses) for color selection / isolation of color tones
  • Detailed description in German, English and French

The color keyboards are a complement to the color collections, they arrange the colors in different moods and allow sophisticated and at the same time surprising color harmonies.
The Polychromy Architecturale consists of 63 shades that Le Corbusier created in two color collections originally for the Swiss wallpaper company Salubra. The first collection from 1931 includes 43 shades. The second collection from 1959 completes the Polychromy Architecturale with 20 other colors. Le Corbusier arranged the colors on 13 color keyboards „Les Claviers de couleurs“ so that with a slider, the so-called „glasses“, you can isolate or combine three to five colors and thus find their own personal, intuitive color scheme.
With his Polychromy Architecturale, Le Corbusier takes into account the different sensitivities of individuals in the selection of colors and creates with his color keyboards different spatial moods that reflect specific functions of the colors. The combination of colorful and achromatic tones and different brightness values ​​underlines the extraordinary experience of Le Corbusier in architecture and as painters, who form the basis of the entire Polychromy Architecturale.

The color keyboards from 1931 with 12 individual color moods
Le Corbusier developed nine spatial color moods, each with three murals (mood colors) and selected combination colors. He called each mood a name that took up the polychrome effect: Space, Sky, Velvet I and Velvet II, Wall I and Wall II, Sand I and Sand II, and Landscape. Three more coloraturas without a specifically defined color mood called Le Corbusier as a colorful Checkered I, Checkered II and Checkered III. The shades are arranged systematically, allowing the collection of accompanying eyeglasses to isolate two or three tones on the mood-giving background nuances as well as a single tone on two background shades.

The color keyboard of 1959
From the 20 colors of the second collection, Le Corbusier has developed an additional color keyboard that offers numerous other possibilities of color combination. With the glasses, three or four colors can be isolated and matched to each other for the 1959 collections. All 20 colors from 1959 can also be harmoniously integrated into the moods of 1931.
Le Corbusier color keyboardsLe Corbusier color keyboardsLe Corbusier color keyboardsLe Corbusier color keyboards


Le Corbusier color list

Color list with all architectural colors from 1931 and 1959

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