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X-Rite X-Color QC Color Measuring Software

Product no.: 51-01000
GTIN/EAN: 4250193404642
MPN: 1710
Weight: 1,00 kg
X-Rite X-Color QC Color Measuring Software
X-Rite X-Color QC Color Measuring Software
X-Rite X-Color QC Color Measuring Software
X-Rite X-Color QC Color Measuring Software
X-Rite X-Color QC Color Measuring Software
X-Rite X-Color QC Color Measuring Software
X-Rite X-Color QC Color Measuring Software
X-Rite X-Color QC Color Measuring Software
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  • Products description
Products description

X-Rite X-Color QC quality assurance software for all X-Rite color measuring instruments

X-Color QC is also usable for MA9x-Series

Analyze and administrate color data for different materials and surfaces with a unique and flexible software: X-Color QC is a newly developed platform for color management. With X-Color QC you can administrate color data of different measuring instruments and measuring geometries (also multi-angle measuring instruments) and by this way you reduce the effort. X-Color QC offers a uniform instant access to your color data, a determined access control and rights management as well as an intuitive useable user interface.

X-Color QC is easy to install and also flexible at the same time, so that it adapts to your conditions, requirements and work processes in an optimal way. The big data stock can easily be administrated, saved and analyzed. That's why X-Color QC is the perfect instrument for color tone management in-between a supply chain, for different markets and requirements and the combination of different materials. The software offers a safe investment into the future by the use of modern software technology.

Viewing options & Color data of X-Color QC:

  • Standard observer 2∞ and 10∞
  • Illuminants: A, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, F2, F7, F11, F12
  • color coordinates and color differences: CIE L*a*b* and L*C*h∞, Hunter Lab and
  • LCh, Tristimulus XYZ, FMC2
  • total color difference: DE, DE*, DECMC, DEFMC2, DE94, DE99 (DIN 6176),
  • DE2000, weighted DE (1996 and 2006)
  • color indices: metamerism (DIN 6172), yellowing value (ASTM E-313), degree of whiteness, color intensity, opacity, haze, color depth, color cast, soiling and color change after grey scale
  • CIELAB-color difference graphic
  • FMC2-color difference graphic
  • spectral data and curves
  • color tendency
  • multi-angle functions and xDNA-calculation in combination with multi-angle instruments by the MA9x-series
  • color flop presentation in a color room and as an angle plot
  • color visualizing (implies a calibrated monitor for an optimal presentation)
  • 3D-color room graphic (rotatable around 3 axles)
  • additional data (mark) and measuring conditions

General facts of X-Color QC:

  • color coding according to the sample by means of marks
  • qualitative (text) and quantitate (values) marks
  • programmable jobs (routine of working)
  • image based job creation (graphical jobs) for determination of measuring positions, measuring order and secondary comparison
  • data filter
  • colorimetric evaluation of the measuring samples according to the user-defined specifications
  • administration and sorting of color shade patterns (color boards)
  • user-defined screen display
  • easy organization and selection of data
  • free definable access rights
  • data import/export of external formats
  • technical assistance of different measuring instruments and geometries, also multi-angle spectral photometer with xDNA
  • flexible reporting with the help of OpenOffice (will also be installed)
  • instrument is configurable with software
  • multilingual, net-work capable

System requirements:
Modern Windows-PC with Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7, at least 1GB RAM (Recommended 2GB), at least 10 GB free disk-storage, USB 2 connection for the implement, monitor as large as possible (computer monitor from 20 inches on is recommended)

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X-Rite X-Color QC Color Measuring Software
Quality assurance software supporting all X-Rite spectrophotometers and colorimeters.
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