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X-Rite Color Measuring Software Color iQC

X-Rite Color Measuring Software Color iQC

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X-Rite Color iQC Quality assurance software in 3 stages

Software for color quality control for all industries such as plastics, paints and coatings, textile as well as food, paper and automotive industry. Both the quality control in receipt and outgoing of the goods as well as during the production will be faster and easier and gives the user security in the argumentation to customers and suppliers.

The software Color iQC was developed specifically for the color control of textiles and clothing. With the NetProfiler measurements of various specrophotometer can be arranged uniformly, even if the colorimeter are of different producers. The with NetProfiler recieved measurement results are absolutely compareable.
Various machine conditions such as time, temperature or humidity can be identified and logged with Color IQC. Their influence on the color can then be compensated so that the color targets always can be met.
For Color i Match and Color iQC there is a manager version, which enables insight into the color measurement in the laboratory or the production of the office, without having the whole system.

Productivity, proccess safety and the thereby resulting reduction of machine ande personal costs as well as reduced use of commodity will be possible with the use of ColoriQC.
Subsequent upgrades to the later version is possible at any time.

The following 2 stages of the software are available:

Color iQC Basic, functions:

  • Supports the following colorimeter: all models 45/0° and d/8° of X-Rite and GretagMacbeth, no more-angle and contactless colorimeter. Even some machines from other manufacturers are supported, please usk us.
  • User-friendly interface in the familiar Windows look.
  • Individual user settings with windows, toolbars and access rights
  • Graphical display of tolerance spaces, spectro values & curves, trend values and analyses as well as types of light, etc.
  • Automatic tolerance design
  • Automatic sending of jobs via e-mail
  • Intelligent search parameters
  • Integration of all standard spectrophotometer possible
  • Minutes printout individually composed with company logo possible
  • NetProfiler capable

Color iQC Professional, additional functions:

  • Job supportet work flow
  • Full data import and export possible
  • Support of digital date exchange
  • Representation of different surface textures possible (on request oven own ones)

Productivity and process stability will arise by using this colorimetric software.


X-Rite Color Measuring Software Color iQC
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