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eXact spectrophotometer

Product no.: 50-10020/21/22
Weight: 5,00 kg
eXact spectrophotometer
eXact spectrophotometer
eXact spectrophotometer
eXact spectrophotometer
eXact spectrophotometer
eXact spectrophotometer
eXact spectrophotometer
eXact spectrophotometer
eXact spectrophotometer
eXact spectrophotometer
Shipping time: 14 Days
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  • Products description
Products description

eXact Handheld Spectrophotometer and Densitometer

The eXact takes measurements in accordance with the XRGA standard and is the ideal measuring instrument for the print room and QA laboratory for all color and density measurement tasks.
Can be supplied with 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm or 6 mm measuring apertures, not interchangeable.

  • Symmetric measurement by means of 45°/0° ring illumination
  • All types of illumination (physical filters) in accordance with ISO M0 (no filter), M1 (D50), M2 (UV cut filter), M3 (polarization filter)
  • eXact is available in 3 development standard versions: Densitometer, Standard and Advanced and can be upgraded in each case by means of a software key

1.) Functionality: eXact Densitometer

  • CMYK density + Dmax (Special)
  • Trend in density
  • All densities/gray balance
  • Tone value/increase in tone value
  • Contrast
  • Color trapping
  • Farbtonfehler / Verschwärzlichung
  • Plate measurement (densitometric)
  • Remote control and configuration using PC software

2.) Additional functionality: eXact Standard:

  • All Densitometer functions
  • CIE L*a*b*, CIE L*C*h*(a*b*), ∆E CIELAB
  • Color difference: ∆E*76, ∆E*94, ∆E*2000, ∆E CMC
  • Best Match
  • Integrated Pantone color data (C & U)
  • Option to upgrade on measuring by scanning

3.) Additional functionality: eXact Advanced:

  • All Densitometer and Standard functions + Bluetooth
  • ∆E trend
  • CIE XYZ & Yxy
  • Paper indices (whiteness and yellowness)
  • Metamerism testing
  • Absolute and relative color strength
  • Opacity
  • Reflection graph
  • Storage of results obtained
  • Multiple user profiles - users can set up their own menus to exclude functions that are not required
  • Bluetooth option wireless data transfer
  • Option to upgrade to measuring by scanning is always available

Delivery scope:

Charger, manual, USB cable, transport case, eXact Manager and DataCatcher software


  • 1.5mm, 2 mm, 4 mm or 6 mm measuring apertures, not interchangeable
  • Measurement using scanning (additional charge)
  • Bluetooth option for wireless data transfer to PC (additional charge for Advanced standard)
  • Color iQC Print software – colorimetric and analysis software with database

This next generation spectrodensitometer delivers greater accuracy and huge benefits for operators.

  • Built-in white tile for quick and easy calibration while protecting measurement aperture from dust ingress
  • Latest spectral technology for faster and more precise measurements
  • Better “inter-instrument agreement”, even with a variety of models and data transfer systems between plants with different instruments
  • Ideal solution for measuring CMYK and special colors – proofs, process and spot color orders and color composition
  • Supports the latest industry standards (i.e. ISO, PSO, G7, JapanColor)
  • Compatible with i1Pro 2 and other instruments
  • Measures M0, M2, M3 conditions in less than a second
  • Measuring with exact D50 illumination (M1 part 1) across the entire spectrum
  • Enables fluorescent materials of 440 nm to 650 nm to be measured

We’d be delighted to advise you and quote you for the relevant options.

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eXact spectrophotometer
eXact handheld spectrophotometer for densidometry and spectral color measurement in offset printing.
Shipping time: 14 Days
Price on request