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Ugra Metamerism Card for D50

Ugra Metamerism Card for D50

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UGRA Metamerism Stripes

UGRA Metamersim Stripes – Set with 50 color temperature Indicator stripes according to DIN 6182.

The UGRA Metamerism Stripes are used to check illuminants.

The 9 x 75 mm indicator stripes are provided with a non-permanent adhesive on the back, so that they can be attached at the edge of proofs, prints or other objects, if they must be observed under standard illuminants.

Ugra-Color temperature for light type D50 in the graphical industry
The colors of modern digital proofs are heavily dependent on the light source used (metamerism). Therefore, it is important that they are always judged under standard light of D50 (5000 Kelvin). If you use a light source with the wrong color temperature, the colors of the proof will shift and a judgment does not make sense. The Ugra Color Temperature Indicator makes it easy to determine if the light source is in line with standard light and if an assessment is acceptable.

The Ugra Color temperature Indicator is used to visually control the color temperature of the illumination in color assessments. The Ugra Color Temperature Indicator is glued to the edge of a proof or print for this purpose. It indicates whether the lighting used radiates the standard color temperature prescribed of 5000 Kelvin.
When using correct illumination with a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin, all surfaces of the Ugra Color Temperature Indicator will have the same olive color. If the color temperature deviates from 5000 Kelvin, clear color differences appear on the Ugra Color Temperature Indicator.

Note: The Ugra Metamerism card in DIN A5 format is no longer available and is not part of this article.
Ugra Metamerism Card for D50
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