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RAL D4 Color Atlas

RAL D4 Color Atlas

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RAL D4 Color Atlas with all 1825 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colors

The RAL DESIGN SYSTEM was revised in 2018 and supplemented by 200 mainly bright colors. Thus, the revised RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus includes 1825 standard colors. For the first time, each color has its own color name as well as the always existing color code.

The Color Atlas displays all 1825 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colors clearly on a white background. The color samples are original lacquer samples arranged logically according to hue, lightness and chroma (HLC).The color atlas provides an optimal overview of the RAL Design System plus and is the tool for creative people who want to work systematically with the color system. In the introduction there is a clear explanation of the color system in German, English and French, which makes the color atlas ideal for practical color lessons.

All the colors in the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus have a 7-digit color number.

  • Ring binder size: 31.5 x 28 cm
  • Size of color samples: 17 x 17 mm
  • 39 pages each with one hue in different lightness and chroma levels
  • 1 page with 16-step grayscale from 000 90 00 to 000 15 00
  • Original lacquer sample version, semi matt
  • Explanation of color system provided in introduction in German, English and French
  • Color names and color code on the back of the color samples

The large choice of colors and even distribution across the entire color space are highly valued by color engineers and designers in particular.
The pages can be taken individually for design tasks or for demonstration purposes.

TIP: All 1825 RAL DESIGN colors are available as color sheets, fully coated with lacquer, in DIN A4 and DIN A6.

RAL D4 Color AtlasRAL D4 Color AtlasRAL D4 Color Atlas


RAL Design System color list

List of all 1825 colors from the new design plus system with color number, color name in German and English as well as light reference values.

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