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RAL P1 Plastics Single Pattern

RAL P1 Plastics Single Pattern

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RAL PLASTICS single color patterns for all 100 available colors

Each color of the RAL P1 Plastics Standard can be taken as a single pattern
RAL Plastics is the color standard for companies that produce plastics according to RAL DESIGN colors and enables correct conversion of the coating colors into plastics. In the design area, the color plates are used as a realistic color template for customer advice and for design tasks for plastic products.
The multifunctionality of RAL PLASTICS plastic color palettes offers the best possible benefit: Three different surfaces and three different material thickness give a realistic impression of color effect on different materials application.
Consciously the material polypropylene was chosen for RAL PLASTICS. Polypropylene is a mass plastic. It is often used because of its special features and its good price/performance ratio. Additionally RAL PLASTICS offers a high application degree and tolerability with different toxic dyes.
  • 100 most frequently asked color tones of RAL CLASSIC color collection
  • Format of plastic color palettes: 105 x 148 x 3 mm
  • Material: polypropylene
  • 3 graduations of plate thickness show the color tone in an opaque manner and in opacity steps: 3 mm, 2 mm and 1 mm
  • Three different surfaces offer the opportunity of interpreting the color according to the roughness: high gloss polished, VDI 24, VDI 42
  • Specification of reflectance curve, of absolute values and the distance to the RAL PLASTICS original sample printed on the cover  
In the download section of this article you can find more information on RAL P1, incl. a list of available colors and FAQs.
Single color patterns are a practical addition to the professional handling of color systems. Since each color is available as a single sheet, you can:
  • Apply a wide range of colors to get a realistic color impression
  • Build your own color collections or house standards
  • Create your own color tolerance cards
  • Divide the bows and give each one involved in the project a part
  •  Archive defined colors in projects

The list of available colors please find under the tab "Downloads".
Color formulation data are not available for RAL Plastics.

Ordering notes:
Please place the required quantity in your basket and type the required pages into the field "comments" on page 2 during the order process.
Because of
packaging-related reasons single color patterns will never be shipped with other products in the same shipment and will be not considered at the calculation of shipping cost in the basket. For shipping and packaging we always calculate 6,90 Euro net shipping cost.

Single sheets and replacement pages are generally excluded from return.

RAL P1 Plastics Single PatternRAL P1 Plastics Single PatternRAL P1 Plastics Single PatternRAL P1 Plastics Single Pattern


RAL P1 & P2 color list

Product information of the plastic standards RAL P1 and RAL P2 with list of available colors.

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