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ColorCatch Nano 2

Colorix Sarl
Product no.: 21-01005
GTIN/EAN: 7629999603615
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ColorCatch Nano 2
ColorCatch Nano 2
ColorCatch Nano 2
ColorCatch Nano 2
ColorCatch Nano 2
ColorCatch Nano 2
ColorCatch Nano 2
ColorCatch Nano 2
ColorCatch Nano 2
ColorCatch Nano 2
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Products description

ColorCatch Nano 2 - Color Measuring Instrument for Apps on Smartphone, Tablet or PC

Many Apps for iOS and Android as color data base with image editing and a color quality control app are available


The ColorCatch Nano 2 is supplied as a measuring head with built-in calibration device.

COLORCATCH NANO 2 is the revolutionary color measuring device that makes life easier for all professionals who work with color. It is the world's first Bluetooth camera connected to a smartphone, it offers unprecedented convenience and accuracy in color measurement. The new optical head on the device eliminates gloss and stray light, providing improved color measurement on plastic surfaces.

Additionally, COLORCATCH NANO 2 is one of the only colorimeters in the world to be equipped with a camera, which allows for maximum accuracy even on textured surfaces. With its advanced technology, the device reads and measures more than 50,000 pixels separately, automatically removing any non-dominant colors such as shadow effects and dirt.

The camera on COLORCATCH NANO 2 is a significant advantage, as it allows professionals to see exactly what is being measured. This is especially useful for measuring fine details, such as the color of a small symbol on a carpet and in the textile and printing industries. The ability to visualize the measurement enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the color measurement process.

With its advanced optical head, integrated camera, and ability to accurately measure even on textured surfaces, it's the perfect tool for professionals working with color.

You can bring the Nano to life with e.g. one of the following apps:
  • Colorix.com Pro with all NCS® © and RAL Classic color references as well as the corresponding L * a * b *, sRGB, CMYK and LRV values. for 10,99 Euro incl. VAT Colorix.com Pro also displays the measured color values ​​in RGB and cmyk.
  • RAL iColors with the color systems RAL Classic * and RAL Design * for 9,99 Euro incl. VAT RAL iColors also displays the measured color values ​​in RGB and cmyk.
  • Color Quality Control App (for iOS), the information about the app can be found here
*) with DeltaE data as star system: * = DeltaE <1 / ** = DeltaE <2 / *** = DeltaE <3 / without * = DeltaE> 3

The overview of the apps can be found here:
- for Apple / iOS (link only works with an iOS device)
- for Google / Android devices

The measuring surface of the ColorCatch Nano is 3.7 x 3.7 mm, can be changed 0.3 x 0.3 mm with a loupe.
With the camera in the ColorCatch Nano a sample photo can be stored for the measurement.
With the color designer apps, photos from the smartphone can be edited and colored in the measured color (houses, windows, doors, cars, etc.)

COLORCATCH NANO 2 is a compact and precise device for measuring colors. It is equipped with optics that magnify the image by 6.25 times, allowing it to measure even the finest shirt threads. The device is capable of extracting up to 5 dominant colors in just one click, making it an efficient tool for those in need of quick and accurate color measurements.
Moreover, COLORCATCH NANO 2 has an integrated calibration card that protects it from dirt, ensuring reliable and consistent results.

When used with compatible apps, COLORCATCH NANO 2 makes it possible to digitally change the color of a house wall or a photographed object in a matter of minutes. The color measured by the device is directly applied to the pre-painted image, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and speeding up the process.

If you're looking to optimize your precision and efficiency, COLORCATCH NANO 2 is the device for you. With its compact size, powerful optics, and ability to extract multiple colors in one click, it's a must-have for professionals.

NANO 2 is the most accurate device on the market on textured surfaces.

The L*a*b* values was measured on a green sample by an independent laboratory.
The result consists of 3 areas painted with the same green color. NANO 2 reads and measures 50'000 pixels separately. During this reading process it automatically eliminates all non-dominant colors such as shade effects and dirty surfaces. This cannot be done with other devices because they only make an average with all the measurement area.

Short information video on the functions of the ColorCatch Nano 2:

Technical data for the device ColorCatch Nano:

  • Patented technique for color measurement on smooth, textured or patterned surfaces
  • Depending on the app used to find hue in a previously selected color fan or calculate a color deviation from the measured standard
  • Reads and measures with over 50,000 pixels
  • Integrated calibration system
  • Automatically detects and extracts up to 5 colors simultaneously
  • Through the camera with high-quality optics, the device enlarges the image six times and measures color from just a few pixels (world first)
  • During the color measurement, all non-dominant color tones as well as shadow effects or dirt particles are automatically eliminated
  • Displays RGB, L * a * b * and CMYK values ​​as well as the reflection values ​​of most selected color guides
  • More than 400 color fans are available for download
  • Accurate measurement results on smooth and rough surfaces (plaster, walls, textiles, wood, etc.)
  • Measures RGB and L * a * b * values
  • Works with compatible iOS and Android apps
  • The measured hue can be directly applied to an object previously dyed in the app
  • The measured color values ​​can be sent via the Internet
  • Instructions for use in 6 languages
  • Swiss product
Further technical data:
  • Measuring area: 0.36 to 8 mm with automatic extraction of up to 5 dominant colors
  • Light source: 9 x D65 LED (Daylight)
  • Sensor: CCD camera 224 x 224 pixels
  • Measurement geometry: 45°/0°
  • Inter-instrument agreement: 0.30 ΔE
  • Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery ion 400 mAh, 4 to 6 hours in continuous use, 300 days standby
  • Recharging time: maximum 6 hours
  • Dimensions: 51 x 51 mm (∅ x H)
  • Weight: 60 g (including battery)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Measuring device ColorCatch Nano 2
  • USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-C to USB adapter for battery charging
  • User manual in 6 languages


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ColorCatch Nano 2
Professional Colorimeter for RAL, NCS and Building Colors and with the QC-App also for Quality Control applicable.
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