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NCS Colour Scan Version 2

NCS Colour Scan Version 2

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NCS Colour Scan Version 2

Natural Color System - Digital NCS-color fan with the 2050 NCS standard colours

NCS Color Scan 2 with its intuitive operation to gear colors on a special surface quickly find the nearest NCS color tone according to the template. Color scan 2 is a mobile, electronical color card. It is fast, handy and easy in application and contains all 2050 NCS standard colors. It is the perfect implement for every user that needs to identify the nearest NCS color tone in a short of
time. It is also a useful supplement to your NCS original color collection.

  • Easy to handle, with a battery, the battery can be charged via USB
  • Color realization on different materials and surfaces, uni und multi colored
  • The monitor shows the template so it possible to identify smallest color areas exactly
  • Measuring small objects – the new included screen can be adjusted to 2,4 or 8 mm
  • Saving up to 100 measurements and language indicator, that were recorded by the integrated microfone
  • Translation of color data in RGB and CMYK possible
  • Displaying lightness values
  • The implement suggests similar colors in order to find spontanious combinations
  • Indoor and outdoor application possible
  • Guarantee 12 months. Our liability as regards the quality of goods shall be limited to the simple replacement of any parts agreed to be defective.


  • Measuring geometry: 45°/0° data gathering
  • Light source: tri-directional LED illumination 25 LEDs / 8x visuable wave length, 1x UV
  • Shorttime reproducibility: with an average of 0,2 DE94 on white
  • Calibration: automatical calibration when restarting the implement
  • Measuring time: 1,8 seconds
  • Saving capacity: 100 scan-proceedures with 30 seconds of language indication per each
  • Number of colors: all 1950 NCS standard color tones of edition 2
  • Operation elements: 5-point navigation button, 2-step measure button
  • Integrated microfone with loudspeaker
  • Display: 4,5 cm TFT color display
  • Screen: 2,4 and 8 mm with automatic realization of 4 different colors
  • Wheight: 165 gramm (incl. battery)
  • Size: 144 x 52 x 40 mm (LWH)

The best result can be achieved on dry, clean and smooth surfaces. It is more difficult to achieve an exact result on structured surfaces like textiles and plaster. The same with multi colored surfaces like carpet, metallic, high glossy, bent or pearly surfaces and colors with metameric pigments. In such cases we recommend several scan proceedures and to match the NCS original color pattern collection.



NCS Colour Scan Version 2NCS Colour Scan Version 2
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