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CIELAB HLC Colour Atlas

CIELAB HLC Colour Atlas

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HLC Color Atlas

The new HLC Color Atlas with 2040 colors provides an overview of the CIE-Lab color space . 36 color plates show the distribution of a basic hue (H = 10 - H = 360), brightness (L = 15 - L = 90) and saturation (C = 10 - approx. 100). Other panels show the gray series (C = 0) and the less saturated colors (C = 5).
  • Color atlas with 2040 colors
  • 36 color plates arranged chromatically, Size of the color plates 1x1 cm 
  • With Fogra media wedge for quality assurance
  • Contains highly saturated colors through 7-color printing
The color atlas is printed on a semi-matte proof paper with no optical brightener using an Epson SureColor P9000V. The 7-color print with the additional colors orange, turquoise green and violet shows better saturated colors. This achieves a maximum deviation of the DeltaE2000 from 3 in the range of saturated colors.
All shades were measured with an X-Rite i1 Pro2 spectrophotometer and compared with the ideal Lab values. At about 90% of the colors in the Atlas, the ideal Lab values ​​can be reproduced with an average DeltaE2000 of 0.5.
Original color swatches can be quickly and easily scrapped by looking for the intuitive system of the HLC Atlas:
  • Hue (Page)
  • Lightness or brightness (Line)
  • Chroma or saturation (Column)
The HLC Color Atlas is suitable for all stages of color communication from design to the finished product. The new Atlas is also very well suited for digital printing.The HLC color atlas contains a detailed description of the color space shown and the use of the atlas (in german).

Important note for users:

In the download section you can find a table with the following values ​​for all 2040 color fields:
LAB, LCH, RGB, HEX, CMYK (absolute and relative)

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CC BY-ND 4.0

CIELAB HLC Colour AtlasCIELAB HLC Colour AtlasCIELAB HLC Colour Atlas


HLC Atlas Color Values

Color chart with the following values for all 2040 colors: LAB, LCH, RGB, HEX, CMYK (absolute and relative)

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