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Pantone Simulator, Super Swatch, Super Chips

Pantone Simulator, Super Swatch, Super Chips

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The Pantone Super Swatch, Super Chips and Pantone Simulator are currently only available in the US and are tested there as a new product. These are made to order and produced by digital printing on printing art paper. However, we would like to offer you an overview of the afore-mentioned products.

Pantone Super Swatch

The Pantone Super Swatch was developed by Pantone to provide designers and packaging designers with larger color samples for projects and better communication. The SuperSwatch is printed digitally on coated paper in 20x21 cm format. Each color from the Formula Guide Coated and the Pastels Coated can be printed as Super Swatch (except Metallics and Neons).

Pantone Super Chips

The 6.5 x 9.0 cm Pantone Super Chips are digitally printed on coated paper. You can choose up to 6 different colors on a DIN A4 sheet. The Pantone Super Chips are so-called reference chips of the Pantone Matching System spot colors. The chips are detachable and therefore ideally suited to judge and present color. Each color from the Formula Guide Coated and the Pastels Coated can be printed as Super Chip (except Metallics and Neons).

Pantone Simulator

The Pantone Simulator are job-related printouts for the production area. In the Pantone Simulator you can choose from 5 different substrates per sheet from the 28 most commonly used packaging materials, which can then be compared to the master standard. As a result, you can see to what extent the color on the substrate changes when it is printed, even before production. Pantone simulators can optionally be supplied with self-adhesive chips (2.5 x 3.5 cm format) to effectively communicate the color within the company.


Packaging Material Guide

Guide for quick reference when choosing your intended packaging material

2.18 MB

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