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TORSO ColorTraining Basics 1

Torso-Verlag e.K.
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TORSO ColorTraining Basics 1
TORSO ColorTraining Basics 1
TORSO ColorTraining Basics 1
TORSO ColorTraining Basics 1
TORSO ColorTraining Basics 1
TORSO ColorTraining Basics 1
TORSO ColorTraining Basics 1
TORSO ColorTraining Basics 1
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Products description

TORSO ColorTraining Basics 1 – practical exercises for colorimetry

The exercise folder "TORSO ColorTraining Basics 1" contains 21 single exercises and all in all 185 color chips 2 x 2 cm as a practical addition to theory of colorimetry knowledge

The exercises are completed by topics on practical aspects of colorimetry and industrial color evaluation. The exercises with color pattern chips support the color understanding and improve the dealing with color systematically.

The new color training-tools are ideal for the practical orientated color lessons. They can be used in vocational schools, media-academies, in company lessons and in colorimetry seminars. For seminar leaders there are fluctuate prices for class-equipments from 20 folders on.

The new training material is ideal for:

  • Trainees of a coat or color subject
  • Students that professionally have to deal with color
  • Going-to-be colorists and tones
  • Career-changers in industrial color communication
  • All people that communicate and evaluate colors
  • Trainers that want to complete the theory teaching by practical exercises

Use as:

  • Training for color distinction
  • Test – if a person can match and evaluate colors and if a person recognizes the smallest nuances
  • Hiring criteria for colorists
  • Examination criteria for vocational schools
  • Deepening the knowledge that was acquired during the lessons
  • Exercises for practical dealing with color copies and for visual color matching

The 8 color training tools contain:

  • Tool 1 – three-dimensional color body, all three basic features of colors, color position, 2 exercises with 16 color chips
  • Tool 2 – the visual spectrum, L*a*b* and L*C*H* color room, 3 exercises with 24 color chips
  • Tool 3 – three attributes of color, to evaluate color according to color tone, brightness and colorfulness, 3 exercises with 50 color chips
  • Tool 4 – construction of a color system – systematical depiction of a color tone according to brightness and colorfulness, 3 exercises and 31 color chips
  • Tool 5 – evaluation of nearly neutral colors according to brightness and color tone, 2 exercises with 36 color chips
  • Tool 6 – color values, spectral features and communication of color measuring results, 3 exercises with 12 color chips
  • Tool 7 – color and surrounding, simultaneous contrast, effect of afterimages, color measuring exercises, 3 exercises with 8 color chips
  • Tool 8 – color differences and color tolerances, verbal description of color differences, 2 exercises with 8 color chips

Beginners repeat the exercises over several weeks in order to deepen the knowledge and use it as an exercise for the color understanding.

During our in-house-exhibition (28 – 31 March 2012) the exercise folder was presented and all professional visitors out of the coating or plastics industry were excited about the concept and the execution.

Note: Until today the color training tools are only available in German language.

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TORSO ColorTraining Basics 1
Practical exercises to colorimetry, for color training and for the completion of the knowlegde from the seminars
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