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DB Iron Mica stripe color fan

DB Iron Mica stripe color fan

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DB-Iron Mica - color fan

For quick color selection, customer service or sample case

The reasonably priced color fan contain 14 micaceous colors for bridge and engineering structures in accordance with TL/TP-KOR Steel Structures Annex H color charts sorted by color on 4 pages.

Color Fan with 14 DB Iron Mica colors on 4 pages

  • Fan size 50 x 150 mm
  • Color fields 50 x 20 mm
  • Iron Mica color lacquer applied to paper
  • Contain 14 micaceous colors: DB 301, DB 310, DB 501, DB 502, DB 503, DB 510, DB 601, DB 602, DB 603, DB 610, DB 701, DB 702, DB 703 and DB 704
  • New Edition 2017
  • The fan is the same size as the RAL CLASSIC K7 color fan
  • Can be customized with a company logo for orders of 100 or more
When using the colors:
It is essential to note the contents of the technical data sheet provided by the color manufacturer. The pigmentation, choice of binder and method of application may result in color deviations.

DB Iron Mica colors are also available as larger color samples:
  • DB Standard Fan - Color samples 50 x 150 mm, coated over the entire surface
  • DB Standard DIN A6 - Color samples 105 x 148 mm, coated over the entire surface
  • DB Standard DIN A4 - Color samples 210 x 297 mm, coated over the entire surface

About the iron mica colors:
The hues from DB Iron Mica are now frequently used for architectural and design applications and can be rematched with a variety of substrates such as lacquers, powder coatings, plastics, etc. The original DB Iron Mica colors are used for corrosion protection on steel structures and are usually not suitable for decorative coatings, partly because they have a very rough surface.
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