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PANTONE ColorBridge uncoated

PANTONE ColorBridge uncoated

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PANTONE Graphic+Print ColorBridge uncoated incl. 294 new Colors

Color Guide printed on uncoated paper with 2135 PANTONE spot colors and application in cmyk

u = uncoated paper - application: headed notepaper, manuals, printing on copier paper.

Current edition 2019

A valuable design tool for designers, graphic artists and printers. The new Color Bridge fan provides process color simulations (representation of colors in cmyk for 4-color offset printing) for all PANTONE special colors with specification of screen tint percentages. The special color and its application in cmyk are printed side by side, enabling you to see how well special colors can be represented in 4-color process printing.
Note: The Color Bridge shows fewer colors than the Formula Guide as the basic colors in the introduction are not used in 4c. The 294 new trend colors have the color numbers 4001 to 4294.

The new Pantone ColorBridge uncoated contain:

  • 2135 PANTONE solid colors and representation in cmyk with specification of screen tint percentages (color mix formula for cmyk)
  • 4 process colors cmyk in 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% respectively
  • Fan size 235 x 42 mm, color fields 20 x 20 mm offcut, 14 colors per side
  • Special color and 4-color reproduction are shown side by side, so that the quality of Pantone color reproduction in four-color printing can be seen directly.
  • sRGB and HTML values for all spot colors for cross-media work
  • Chromatic color arrangement
  • Lighting indicator for illuminant D50 (standard light in the graphics industry with 5000 Kelvin) to check ambient light when color matching
  • Printed on standard paper in order to comply with current printing requirements
  • Color index making it easier to find individual hues
  • The arrangement of the colors corresponds to the Formula Guide
  • Description in the introduction with technical information in English

New and expanded Edition 2019

PANTONE ColorBridge uncoated
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