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FM 100 Replacement Cap

FM 100 Replacement Cap

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Product no.: 42-421083
EAN: 4250193400392
factory number: 421083
Shipping time: 6 Weeks
Weight: 1,50kg

Removable color reference caps for the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test

A set of four rows of colors for the testing kits used for testing quality assurance employees' color vision. Case and scoring software not included. The color fields on the caps consist of lacquer-coated paper and hence are susceptible to wear and should be replaced every two years according to the manufacturer.

One kit as follows:

  • Four color ranges with a total of 85 removable color chips to replace worn-out color caps
  • Supplied without case or scoring software
  • Only available for aluminum cases and black padded protective cases
  • Inserts for wooden cases (supplied prior to 1999) are no longer available
  • The replacement caps are only available as a set and are not supplied individually

We recommend to replace color caps regardless of application after no more than 200 tests (equivalent of approx. 100 hours' exposure), after five years or in the event that individual caps are damaged or contaminated. According to the manufacturer, the color stability stability for the Munsell color samples is valid for five years, provided they are stored properly in a dark place.

FM 100 Replacement Cap
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