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Munsell Bead Color Chart

Munsell Bead Color Chart

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Munsell Bead Color Charts

With genuine Munsell color chips

The Munsell Bead Color CHarts are perfect for referencing and analyzing colors found in beads.Wether you are an archeologist, scientist or other professional, the five pages of the Bead Color Charts offer a fast, convenient method for identifying the color of beads to help identify classification, so that they may be communicated accurately.
The colors of beads can tell a story about themselfes. Just like beads have special characteristics so do the colors found on and within the beads.The ability to classify and communicate a color easily allows for a greater understanding of the beads.


  • Munsell Bead Color Charts are used to provide consistent and reliable classification of beads based on color so the information can be recorded and communicated accurately
  • Useful for Archeologists, Universities, Independent Bead Scholars, National Parks, Service Labs, Museums, Cultural Resources Organizations and Art Historians
  • Execution in education and studies, sciences and archeological excavation
  • Ring binder with 5 bead color charts with 176 glued in color chips
  • Punched holes with 12 mm diameter for optimum color matching with the beads
  • Featuring ISCC-NBS color names Munsell alpha-numeric notation of  Value, Hue, Chroma, such as 2.5 R3/4 "Read Feather"
  • Dimensions of binder: 6" x 8" x 1,625", weight 0.4 kg

The Bead Color ring binder another product for color matching on natur materials like the Soil Color Chart, the Rock Color Chart and the Munsell Plant Tissue.

Munsell Bead Color Chart


Bead Color Book color list

Color list with all colors from the Bead Color Charts.

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