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Agricult. Mach. Advertising Fan

Agricult. Mach. Advertising Fan

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Product no.: 85-00099
EAN: 4250193400989
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TORSO® LM Color Fan

Color fan for agricultural and building machines - advertising color fan, Edition 06/2015

This color fan contains the most important color samples of agricultural maschines.

The color fan is a collection of the most important color tones out of the section agricultural and building machines. In the current edition the color tone selection was changed. Color tones that correspond to a RAL color tone are listed on four additional pages. The letter recognition in front of the four digit color number stands for: LM for agricultural machinery colors and BMS for building machine colors.

  • 165 color patterns on 33 pages, structured according to color tone (all in all 184 color codings because some color patterns refer to different firm colors)
  • fan size 48 x 200 mm
  • color reproduction 48 x 20 mm
  • completely coated (grip protection)

Slight color deviations between the colors in the fan and the original colors cannot be excluded because of technical reasons.

Your personal page on the front and/or backside.

The agricultural machines advertising color fan is very popular at customers - and which will become a customer. This advertising color fan works for an exceptional long time for your marketing, noboy throws this advertisement product away.

For press we need an offset printing compatible PDF-file, separated in cmyk, trimmed size 48 x 200 mm + 3 mm bleed around. Please take care of the boring of 5 mm with a distance from below and right of 5 mm (at backpage printing boring left).


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