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PANTONE FHI Color Guide Paper TPG Fan Deck

PANTONE FHI Color Guide Paper TPG Fan Deck

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PANTONE Textile Color System - Color Guide Paper TPG

2 fans with altogether 2310 hues for Fashion, Home & Interiors (FHI) - New 2016 edition with the code TPG

Explanation of TPG green - previously TPX - Pantone Textile Colors FHI on Paper
The new edition (2016) of Pantone Textile Colors on Paper was produced with an environmentally friendly lacquer, hence the new term TPG (G stands for green). The color codes, color names, visual impression and gloss (dull matt lacquer applied to paper) have not changed. The arrangement of the colors has also remained the same.

TPX and TPG are identical in terms of content and contain 2310 Pantone standard textile colors*.

Now available as a fan set, the new Pantone FHI Color Guide is the basic tool of the Pantone Textile System.

Pantone Textile is the international standard for color selection, determination and communication in the textile, fashion, accessories and leather industries and in interior design and architecture.

The color references on paper are used for matching on hard surfaces such as items of furniture, fashion accessories, cosmetics and products from industrial design.

  • 2310 colors* of the PANTONE Textile Color System on paper, divided into 2 fans
  • Each page has 7 colors, color fields 42 x 21 mm
  • High-grade matt lacquer applied to paper
  • Colors are arranged chromatically by color families
  • The layout of the colors corresponds to the Color Specifier
  • All colors with Pantone number and color name
  • Index for easy location of individual hues
  • TPG is the new code for color references on paper from 2015
  • Color references on cotton have the same number, but the code TCX for Textile Cotton
  • All colors are available individually as two-ply cotton samples (swatch cards) 10x11cm (open approx. 10 x 200 cm)
  • Each fan has a serial number allowing the user to download the PANTONE COLOR MANAGER software free of charge

*The 210 new textile colors on paper (TPG) for the FHI Color Guide and FHI Specifier are not yet available for delivery. The supplements for both products will be available from 2016. The supplements (TPG) can also be used for the TPX products of the last edition in 2013.

If you would like to use the new colors immediately, we recommend you take a supplement for cotton products (TCX).

Now with the practical fabric bag for the protection of the color fan.

Manufacturer's article number: FHIP100, ISBN: 978-159065374-6

Please note: Color fans and binders with Pantone textile colors on paper with the old TP code should be replaced. The revision of the system to TPX has resulted in some color shifts and the older products lack the 175 new colors from 2011.

New edition 2015 - products
Pantone FHI Color Guide TPG now consists of 2 fans each with 1050 hues on 150 pages
Pantone FHI Color Specifier TPG now consists of 2 ring binders each with 1050 hues on 150 pages
The new arrangement has resulted in changes to the page numbering.
For both fans and ring binders:
Vol. 1 - pages 1001 to 1150
Vol. 2 - pages 2001 to 2150

PANTONE FHI Color Guide Paper TPG Fan DeckPANTONE FHI Color Guide Paper TPG Fan Deck
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